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Posted on Jul 3 2017 - 8:37pm by Editorial Staff

Women have been fighting for the right to a career that is equal to men for decades, if not centuries. Careers for women that are outside the ‘maternal’ box, so technology, medicine and manufacturing, get a bad rap and undeservedly so. Even though it’s 2017, we still see negative press about women working in the world of computers – forgetting that women have been behind the scenes of computers for years! Technology is a career that is often geared toward men, and it’s about time we ladies start to even that score.

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Young women who are interested in the increasingly evolving digital world should be looking into attending courses and classes with Training Connection or degrees in college that are geared toward a career in technology. There are a lot of reasons that women should look into a career in technology, and we’ve put together five of those reasons for you here:

  1. More Jobs. The employment world is temperamental, with recessions and swoops in the economy causing redundancies and job losses the world over. The digital sector is continuously finding ways to advance and therefore tech jobs are always on the table. It’s important to have job security and in the tech sector, that’s what you get.
  2. More Cash. Always a valuable point when looking for work, but the wages for the tech sector are attractive. The gender pay gap is also smaller in technology, so for women in technology this is a major plus. It may have a reputation as a boys’ club, but with a smaller gap in salary it can be more attractive.
  3. The biggest innovations of the past three decades have come from technology. Think about how the internet has evolved and the advances in mobile technology has come along. Being able to be a part of an industry that celebrates upgrades and diversity is important. Technology has problems to be solved which require great leaders, be a leader!
  4. With the birth of mobile technology, more and more people are working on the go. Working remotely without traditional scheduling has allowed people to leverage the innovations in technology and be more flexible with their work.
  5. Women in technology are still in the minority, but the attitudes to their presence in the digital industry is changing. Diversity is so important in all industries but in the ever-changing world of technology, social connection and beautiful design is important. Women know all about those things and the doors are opening to them for opportunity in technology.

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The first thing you need to think about is your education. If you are determined to crack the surface of technology and you have a creative streak within, then the digital world is simply made for you. Women need to have more of a presence in the working world and the fight to close that pay gap is on in every industry. Being a part of the change in technology is going to change the world. Go ahead and change it!

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