Starting A Company In 2015? You’re Going To Need These Promotions

Posted on Sep 1 2015 - 7:50pm by Editorial Staff


If you are thinking about starting a new company this year, one of your biggest concerns should be marketing. You need your company hot on a customer’s wish list from the very beginning, and this is all about running the right promotions. But, it can be quite difficult to get started, and that’s why we suggest you use this guide to get the right concepts sorted.

Build Your Online Profile

There are two or three parts of your online profile. They are social media, your website and your blog. You should think about them in that order because they all link together so let’s start with social media. Before your new company hits the market, you need to building up a presence on networks like Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram. You can use each and every social network as a promotional tool for your business. For instance, if you use Twitter you can shape your feed as a source for knowledge in your industry. That way, you will attract new investors and clients, perhaps even from competing companies.

Next, you should look at your website. It has to be attractive and stylish but not over styled. You don’t want it to be at the point where it is impossible for a consumer to know what you are selling or what the purpose of your site is. It needs to be clear and concise with an about page that tells consumers exactly what your company is. Don’t be vague in the hope you will convey a sense of mystery, consumers don’t want that. They want to know exactly what they are being sold. The other part of the website is SEO and allowing consumers to find your company. You can do this yourself, but you will find greater success if you hire an online marketing company.

Finally, there is the blog and that is a big optional platform for promotion. You can use it to give extra information on your company but always link it back to your site. That way blog readers will find your company and readers of your site will find your blog.

Attend A Trade Show

When you have a fresh company, you need to gain interest while the iron is still hot. One way to do this is to attend a trade show and catch the eye of investors. This is all about style and presentation. Your stall must look attractive, and your company must feel successful. It’s not hard to do if you look into stall design and find out how to wow investors. For instance, buying some personalised merchandise is an easy way to convey to them that your business is already successful.

Video Content Is Key

Lastly when you look at social networks don’t forget about Youtube and Vine. By using these resources, you can create video ads at low costs to market your company. If you do this, your business will be more active and dynamic. You will be able to attract the interest of more clients and expand your reach on the global market.

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