Standing Out Among The Masses Of Job-Seeking Graduates

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Graduation can be a difficult time for most students. The elation of completing the degree wears off pretty quickly, and in the absence of a new goal, people can often feel deflated. It’s not always apparent what you should do to get ahead as a graduate. The sure fact is that there are many people like you in your position, all desiring the best and most attractive position and salaries to boot. In order to gain a position of influence or simply take advantage of the best opportunity afforded to you, it pays to learn how to stand out amongst your peer group.

Some of these tips are preemptive, some are concerned with the impressions you make, and some are time-honored. All, however, are important.


It can be hard for someone new to break into the firms they most desire to work in, and this is only compounded by the fact that most of these positions require experience to even apply and join. Gaining experience can be considered as one of the most important things you should try and achieve before you fully graduate. This can mean taking on freelance contracts in your own time, or doing unpaid work at an internship (within reason.) Showing you are a self-starter in this way can often help you in ways that you might not expect, especially when an employee values initiative above all else.

However, it’s also important you aren’t completely dissuaded from applying to positions simply because they advertise experience as one of the main application requirements. Sometimes firms will place ‘experience required’ on their job opening forms simply to deter masses of people applying for the position. If you haven’t the experience required, but have competencies in other fields that you think could translate, why not apply? The worst thing that could happen is that you are quietly rejected and do not hear from the firm.

As a graduate, facing rejection of this sort can help equip you and make you humble in the presence of more difficult job searches in future.


Your resume and covering letter are undeniably important to get right. If you think of how many CVs the average business owner reads when they begin hiring, you can see how little credence they might apply to each one. This is why keeping your resume short, snappy and factual is one of the most important things you can do. Your resume should list a little about who you are, your strengths and achievements, your qualifications and any extra activities you partake in that is relevant.

Remember, you need to sell yourself here. Instead of writing about your affinity for golf in the latter chapters, try to emphasise how you enjoy keeping fit. Show initiative and your ability to problem solve in a solo capacity, and employers will become more interested in you regardless of how many straight A’s you had in high school.

It’s also important to know ‘how long should a cover letter be?’ This is because these personalized messages often set up the scope of your application, and why you’d be a solid fit. Between half a page to a full page is ideal, but of course it will depend on the complexity and requirements of the position you are going for. A covering letter for a barista job will of course be shorter than a job application for a medical position in a hospital.

Use your best knowledge in these circumstances, and if possible look online for more practical advice if applying for a super niche job circumstance.

Dress Well

When it comes to being noticed in interviews, your personality will say a lot about you. So will the manner in which you dress. If you look good, seem approachable and obviously groom yourself well, people are more likely to understand that you care about yourself and your status. When looking for a competent worker, this can be a great virtue to find. Simply dress smart casual, and be sure to pay attention to the creases in your clothing and the shine of your shoes.

Looking more expressive with great fashion and some nice accessories can help you stamp that little extra personality to your wear, but be sure you don’t overdo it in your efforts. Dressing well in these parameters can give you the best and most solid foothold in getting your foot in the door, and potentially securing a second interview. In industries where who you know is more important than what you know, having this social appeal can be absolutely invaluable in securing you a great job.

With these tips, you’re sure to experience more luck searching for the job of your dreams.

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