Sprucing Up Your Home Up For Spring

Posted on Mar 6 2018 - 5:28pm by Editorial Staff

Spring is usually a most welcome season; the long dark winter nights are finally drawing to a close, and for many, it is a refreshing change. However, the new season is when some may decide to revamp their wardrobe or touch up their homes with a few changes. As the evenings get lighter and people settle into the new year, the upcoming spring months are the perfect time to spruce up your home.

House plants

Houseplants, aside from being beneficial for your health, can be a subtle and easy way to alter the vibe of a room. Bringing the outside in can brighten a room and give focus to a corner space or shelf. The sheer variety of houseplants available nowadays also means that there are houseplants that will fit perfectly,regardless of the size or type of the room space. Those concerned about the level of carecan opt for a plant that requires the very basic needs; some cacti only need watering once a week. You can get creative with how you display these; hanging baskets offer something different, and the plant you choose can even form the basis of the theme you are going for.For instance, you may decide to have tropical prints and colors in your living room or bedroom. You can find plants with minimum care and maximum impact if you do your research.


Making the most of the space available is key to any room design. Using shelving can give a new-found purpose for empty wall space, while also creating new storage opportunities. The use of levels can also have an aesthetic effect on a space. Thinking outside the box when renovating your home can mean you work with more original ideas; it is best to ensure that you will be happy with the changes for years to come. DIY shelves are a popular and practical solution; old pallets, hanging hooks and society’s new-found love for second-hand stores have meant adding this feature on a budget is both achievable and accessible. This can turn what may seem like an expensive task into a fun and rewarding weekend at home creating something individual for your home.

Changing the furniture

Changing a feature piece of furniture can completely alter the layout and fabrication of a room, and can be the perfect way to give the space you are working with a new ‘feel.’To add to this, the practical benefits, such as finding a new cabinet that also acts as a storage solution can help keep you organized while adding to a space aesthetically. RTA Depot can give some inspiration. Finding a key piece of furniture that compliments the space can seem a daunting task, but it will be an investment that will become part of your day to day routine in your home.

Color theme

Working with a set color theme can give any room a sense of balance and flow, and by incorporating these colors into any additional features such as cushions, throws, and lampshades, it is possible to subtlety refurbish any space without it costing an unnecessarily excessive amount. Feature pieces that focus on a few key colors can be a good place to start. Picking colors that complement each other is key; clashing should be avoided. You should also consider the type of space you are looking to create. For a more calming environment, green tones are understood to be the most calming template to work with. Starting with a white background, using some bright block colors such as zesty oranges or bright blues can evoke a stylish, modern feel. Subtle extras such as candles, photo frames, plant pots and poppy artwork can truly add to the space.

Take Your Time

If you decide to spruce up your home, it may seem a perfect idea to purchase the first items you see and get it done as quickly as possible. However, this can lead to rushed decisions, with items that may not work in the room or complement the theme. Measure the space you have to work with, and on this basis, spend some time doing research. Blogs and websites can help to inspire, or you can maybe take inspiration from friends or families’ homes. You ideally want to create a space that you can enjoy for several years at least, so investing time can ensure the pieces which you alter and change are investments too.

Spring Clean

As cliché as it sounds, a good spring clean can be the perfect way to kick-start a spruce-up. Working with a clean, blank canvas will aid the decision-making process, as you decide how you would like to change a space. It will also give you the inspiration and focus needed to get the ball rolling. After all, a tidy, bright space is much more inviting to work with and will give you the positive mental attitude to get your project up and running. Whether you’re simply buying a few candles, or repainting the walls, starting the project with a big clean-up can certainly help the process. It will also make the finished space that much more rewarding, as you have started afresh.

Be Practical

If you are looking at changing some key pieces in the room or picking out new furniture, it can be easy to get ahead of yourself and select something that’s exciting and different, but it does not really serve a purpose. Be aware of the space you have; you may see a chair that compliments your color scheme perfectly. However, if it is excessively priced, or an awkward fit for the room, take this into consideration before you take it any further. ‘Panic buying’ is an all too familiar pastime, but with home renovation, it’s much more permanent. If you have pets, consider them as well; neutral tones, creams, and whites may not be practical if you have a dog to take on muddy walks. A carpet will be tougher to clean, which means that wooden flooring may be the practical solution. Although renovating is fun, style over substance is not always the answer.

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