Spruce Up Your Garden For Summer

Posted on Mar 23 2018 - 6:17pm by Editorial Staff

With winter behind us and the first signs of spring all around us, now is the time to take a long look at your garden and think about what you’re going to use it for in the warmer months. This is also a good time to look and see if you need any new Fiskars gardening tools. A garden can be a fantastic resource, whether you live alone or with your family, and making the most of it doesn’t necessarily mean spending a fortune on improvements. If you’re looking to get the maximum use from your outside space, then you need to have a firm goal in mind. Make those decisions now while there’s still a chill in the air, and by the time the summer months roll around, you’ll be ready and prepared to laze in the sun and enjoy your garden to its full potential.

Bring the wild into your life

Not only can you bring a vitality to your garden by encouraging the presence of wildlife, but you can also add a whole element of drama while also feeling good about doing your bit to help the local ecology. With a diverse range of insects, birds, and mammals, you can influence your choice of garden visitors by doing some research and optimising the chances of getting the critters to explore your garden domain. From hedgehogs to colourful birds, it can be relatively easy to bring a dash of colour and life to your garden with some simple tricks. Bird Boxes are useful for encouraging feathered visitors, and making access points available for the smaller mammals will make them far more likely to visit.

Tidy the garden space

You’re going to want to remove those rusty tools and toys from your garden before you start to use it, but that shouldn’t be the end of your garden cleaning. You should also be looking at your paths, and deciding whether they need a power wash or even a gravel cover to give your garden a fresh lease of life. Look at your fences as well, and if they need varnishing or even a fresh coat of paint, then you should look at the options and choose which is best for you. Many people are wary of making changes to their fences in case of neighbour disputes, but it’s a quick and easy fix to find out who owns the garden fence, which will give you more of an indication regarding how far you can go when making improvements. If fences also need replacing due to rot or splintering wood, contact your neighbours for ways on how the both of you can pay for new ones.

Make practical changes

You may have the best roses in the suburbs, but if you’ve already shown that your fingers are as green as can be, then you might want to consider more practical planting choices. Having a fresh vegetable garden comes with a whole host of benefits, from having more control over the pesticides that you use, to the physical exercise of planting and cultivating your produce. You’ll also find that having your fruit and vegetable garden will encourage you to enjoy the food much more, as you start to truly appreciate the time and energy that has gone into growing them. When you combine the lower costs of growing your own food, it’s easy to see why more and more people are opting for the sustainable option of designating space for their own vegetable patch.

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