Sony Announces Android Open Source Project For Its Xperia Z Smartphone

Posted on Apr 23 2013 - 7:56pm by Editorial Staff


Sony today announced that it has launched a second open source Android project; name AOSP (Android Open Source Project) for its Xperia Z smartphone. The AOSP project has been overseen by Johan Redestig and Björn Andersson with now moving to GitHub as Google can’t maintain non-Nexus devices on the AOSP main branch in the long run.

Here is how Johan Redestig and Björn Andersson explain the launch:

Hi! We’re Johan Redestig and Björn Andersson, and we work as software engineers at Sony. We have both worked with Android bring ups since Sony Ericsson’s first Android smartphone was developed, and we are both frequent contributors to the AOSP. Feel free to check out the AOSP website to find contributions by Johan Redestig and contributions by Björn Andersson. Now going forward, one of our tasks will be to maintain the AOSP on Xperia™ S git from Sony side.

The full details and links can be checked at Sony Developer World.

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