Social Media & Social Change (Infographic)

Posted on Aug 21 2012 - 7:32am by Editorial Staff

Thanks to social media, individuals and organizations have empowered to advance social change in education as it never felt before. The current scenario says that about 73% of U.S. adults felt that being involved in social change is personally important to them while some have engaged themselves in positive social change by donating money, goods or services. The way with which these things [social changes] taking place and their ties to social media, these organizations are making it to a snap for millions of people to help their causes. To name some of such organizations include KickStarter,, Pencils of Promise, and Crowd Rise etc. Well, to give a better overview of each and every aspect of Social Media and Social Change, the fine folks at The Best Colleges comes with an interesting inforgraphic that definitely interests you:

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