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Social bookmarking begins with the very first concept in April of 1996 with It is one of the top three link building strategies about tagging a website with keywords, commenting on other sites to liking with easy thumb impression and saving blogs, hub pages, articles, video or any other information for later and you can share them with your friends or other social members. It is consider promoting your site in whole social area as you want to make it popular. Its basic aim is to increase traffic, visibility & branding, get more links and provide us flexible ordering live reports to improve the search engine rankings. It’s basically used to organize, store, manage and search for Bookmark (locally stored Uniform Resource Identifier (URI)) of resource online.


Instant Back link: Social bookmarking easy to get your favorite sites online without a lot of tedious catch up work with excellent volumes of traffic on a daily basis. Because it creates further inbound links to your content, which is always a good way to gain the attention of search engine bots and increase your page ranking.     

Fast Indexing: use of networks like Digg, Diigo, Stumble upon create an fastest indexing environment for any website to be found and indexed by search engine spiders is to submit the URL through your relevant or specific categories.

Crowd Surface: According to Article content as more and more people read your bookmarked article, videos, blog, comment and they really consist to vote for it, As resultant traffic will generated to your site.

Time Consuming Process: It is really save our precious time to use manually to create an account as on other sites and then sign up, enter the page guidelines ,wish to submit that is reproduce to saving you plenty of time in the process.

Increase Visibility and Branding: Submitting to Social Bookmarking Sites give you a space to create a profile for yourself as well put your blog/website out there in front of millions of people to getting quality links that point back to your sites as you branding yourself that provide us a great way to build credibility and increasing your visibility ten notches and getting you more branding.

Viral Bookmarking: social bookmarking creates a viral online business market environment that precious kinds of bookmarks will make these pages visible to search engines by means of a social bookmarking process.

Some known Social Bookmarks

We are having dozen of social bookmarking websites, among which the top five website that are like by us that are as follows:

Digg: is a powerful bookmarking site get your content in the first page of digg and much visitor attracted through upstream category story and articles. Google PR: 8, Alexa Rank is 284, Inbound links: 267,000,000 and monthly visitor 23,900,000 to submit your article or file inscription, click here.

Diigo: is a great and most preferable tool of social bookmarking site that does research and using tools to help share information and provide network to share and discover information and alexa rank according to Google crawling is 15,171. For viewing the initial page of diigo working, click here. Some evolution point describe as follow.

  • Online Bookmarking.
  • Highlighter & Sticky Notes.
  • Group-based Collaborative Research for content curtain.
  • Personal Learning Network for sharing and discovery.
  • Finally we collect and organize the content and access anywhere and easily share.

Stumble Upon: is another great social bookmarking site to discovering valuable sites, videos, photos around the web. Stumble sounds like bookmark so it bookmark and save your content and review it. Its alexa ranking is 939 and PR: 8. Take a look for stumble upon view, click here. is not a government, it contains stack creating joining to other through selecting keywords and it will give back things you bookmarked first. In which tags are basically label or a folder with no limit because all site communicate through related keywords , add a note ,follow any people stack .you can get all stories or article to subscribe certain tags to create a huge network and alexa traffic rank is 2,648 and PR:8. For watching the joining page of delicious, click here.

Reddit: Reddit is work like to post an attractive an enough question in AskReddit with millions of loyal, Tech crazy, quick user, Politics and science related news etc. But mainly creating stellar content that people just have to click and share, its Alexa Rank is 4,815 and PR: 8. Flash out the initial sign-up page, click here.

Recommended Guidelines:

Title: is efficient to identify the article content or in site whatever we have, the tag used in title should be specific and according to our content because social bookmarking sites accept title and search engines crawl titles according to official content of your websites. So you can use bookmarking title either your website title or your main target keywords/keywords phase and trying to change title on every social bookmark sites so that SEO value of every bookmarked link can increase.

  • Title should have specific keywords that are related to its official sites.
  • Title keywords is according global and local ranking.
  • Title should be attractive and promotional.
  • Link pointing to your website from bookmarking site through bookmark’s title.
  • Title should be as on brief descriptive manner that shortly explain you the entire related website detailed.

Bookmark content: is a content that are saved for future looking process at any time and accurately describe what your story is about. It should relevant to the purpose of your website what product or service that we have provide. Its limit up to 160 characters or less and never try to use the black hat trick to show the presence of business website engine and avoid repetition of keywords and grammar mistake.

Category: is an relevant part to organized bookmarks at major social bookmarking sites on daily basis to improve our back links but so many people do a mistake to wrong categories their sites. So take the time to go through the social bookmarking sites and choose the most relevant category for your bookmark. Do not post your technology posts in shopping category.     

E-mail: For minimize spam trouble; you have a separate email account to distinguish the problem, created at the time of unacceptance because of wrong format email id .for eg. http// has to be correctly proceeding for any social book marking site.

Keywords/Tag: are really helps in getting good traffic to your site and also helps in getting good ranking to your site. Remember that tag are not same used by any other sites and trying to use one keyword for single bookmarking site not same as to other bookmarking in same manner will make these pages visible to search engines by means of a social bookmarking process. If your website is participating in affiliate site programs then assure about the sites ads value because the keywords must be unique and relevant to the product that increase the back links of your site.

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