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Posted on Oct 19 2015 - 2:15pm by Editorial Staff

Big Data

Technology is moving at a break-neck speed.  If you think being a master of Java or PowerBuilder is enough and you are safe in your shell coding for your clients, then you are wrong! Being up to date with up and coming technology is a must for any self-respecting programmer and also the only way to move forward in your career. And one such technology that is making a splash is Hadoop. While there may be several other technologies that can be learnt, Hadoop Training is more market relevant than any other. There are quite a few factors for this:

  • Data is exploding and organisations are looking for cheap, fast and easy methods to store and retrieve this data. Hadoop is the perfect solution.
  • Big Data Training has big opportunities and Hadoop is the perfect solution for Big Data.
  • A Gartner survey indicates that 4.4 million jobs will be created in 2015 alone for Big data.
  • An Industry Analytics Report estimates that Hadoop professionals get a 250% salary hike.
  • A research by Allied Market Research has put Hadoop’s market value in 2020 to $50.2 billion.

Statistics have shown that more than 720 big wig organizations across the globe have already made substantial investments in Hadoop. What exactly do they do with Hadoop? Most of them combine Hadoop with other databases to perform Big Data Analysis. Business Intelligence, Analytics, Advertising, Sales and Marketing, Customer Relations Management, and Database Management are the sectors that benefit most from Hadoop. These are sectors that require huge amounts of data to be stored and processed. Take Google for example. In the decade or so of its existence, the organization has had to manage tons and tons of data coming from the Internet. No ordinary software could accomplish this task but with Hadoop, Google has managed to create a fault-tolerant, reliable, and scalable storage system.This is validation of the fact that Hadoop is not going to die out any time soon and is a technology worth investing in.

So how does one go about learning Hadoop?

Since Hadoop is written majorly in Java, Java professionals will find it easier to grasp the techniques. Learning about Hadoop means learning in-depth about MapReduce—the technology to generate large data sets with a parallel, distributed algorithm on a cluster.Moreover, Pig is an application that works on top of MapReduce and Pig Latin, which is Pig’s language allows developers to sort, join, parse, transform and calculate unstructured and semi-structured data in MapReduce. Java professionals will also be able to work on this platform by using Java User Defined Functions that extends into Pig Latin. Also, your Java skills will help you a lot when debugging Hadoop applications.

Since Hadoop is an open source software framework, resources are readily available. Professionals can learn it by themselves by referring to books or by attending workshops, which would give them a complete learning experience with hands-on practical sessions.

The Hadoop domination in the tech world is still at its nascent stage and investing in it now can help you lead a rewarding professional career. So, snap into it and take control of your life.

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