Smartphone Users In The World (Infographic)

Posted on Jul 18 2012 - 6:41am by CONTRIBUTOR

Editor’s Note: Guest Author Pradeep Yadav, a technology lover, analyzer and  love reporting about different technologies.

The Smartphone in the recent years has expanded well in the world. 80% of the world’s population now has a mobile phone, but 5 million mobile phones in the world, and but that number of Smartphone in U.S 91.4 million out of which only 1.08 billion are smart phones. Smartphone platform market share in 2011, iPhone 28.7% and Android 46.9%and Rim 16.6% and 1.5% symbian and 5.2% Microsoft that it 89% of smartphone users use their smart phones throughout the day. The highest Smartphone penetration rate of 62% is in age group 25-34.Android Smartphone owner consume the highest amount of data 582 mbs/month, iPhone owner on average consume 492mbs/month. To give better idea to you, our friends at Go-Gulf come with an amazing infographic discussing the great disruption, the future of personal tech.

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