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Weddings can be a bit more taxing than you’d think, and planning for that one day begins months, even a year prior to the wedding ceremony itself. During the planning, most of the time goes in figuring out how much it will cost you. A wedding easily costs a lot, and everyone might not be willing to spend so much on a day, even though it is the most special one of their lives. But not all weddings are that demanding. You can always minimize the costs. There are various ways that a budget wedding can be made just as exciting as a costly one. Take a look at the following.

Friends can help

It is always easier to take help from friends. Whether they’re married or not, friends can surely be of great help. They can run around with you to pick out the rings, or the dress, or even the flowers. They can suggest you ways in which you can manage your wedding better. Whether you’re doing it the first time or the next time, it doesn’t matter. A budget wedding does require effort on your part, and who better to take help from than friends? You can assign one of your friends to officiate the wedding, or even plan it, which makes it easier for you to manage the costs. A friend might not charge you at all, or you’ll be let off easy.

There’s a lot online

Everything can be found online these days: even how to plan a wedding. You can look up DIY wedding ideas online on sites like Etsy. There are even craft ideas that you can adapt from the internet, and learn how to make up pretty flower designs or napkin patterns etc. This helps a lot because you can make use of things that are easily available and also that can match your budget. Online tutorials usually make use of things that are accessible and less costly, which works well in your favour.

Have time on your hands

Start planning early. If you’re hoping to get less expensive stuff, it is always better to make preparations way prior to the wedding. Plan six months or a year in advance to make sure that you are getting everything you need in the specific amount of money that you have on your hands. Buying the wedding bands should also be taken care of earlier than usual because you can also minimize the costs on that. If you give orders very close to your wedding in case you need a customized band, it might cost you a lot more.

Make it quintessential yet antique

Antique items can be found in thrift shops or antique stores. Vintage stuff is always attractive and engaging. Antique things add a classy touch to your wedding. Centrepieces and decorative items can be purchased from antique stores; old parchment-like paper can be taken from old libraries, which can then be used to make pretty invitation cards, adding to the charm.

Be your own artist

Make things yourself. Prepare crafty items and add your own touch to your decorations. If you’ve borrowed a wedding dress from your mother or grandmother, you can add a few changes and make the dress more striking and capturing. Attach laces or flowers etc. to the dress to make it look newer while having it be vintage at the same time. This can also be applied to other decorations at the reception.

Plan it yourself

Be your own wedding planner instead of hiring one. You can have everything you need the way you need it to be. There will be no scope of changes by a third person when you’re planning it yourself. Make your own decisions and manage it all under a budget that you desire, without having to worry about any deadlines that your strict wedding planner might propose.

Freshen the flowers

Get fresh flowers from a wholesale dealer instead of spending weeks finding the right combination. You can prepare your own centrepiece by looking at one of those DIY wedding ideas on the internet as well. There are many ideas you can borrow from sites online, and sometimes if you aren’t looking for flowers, you can also have artificially prepared flower pieces that are available online.

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