Site Matches Event Organizers With Land Owners Willing To Rent

Posted on May 19 2012 - 6:52am by CONTRIBUTOR

Editor’s Note: The article was originally published in Springwise.

UK-based Field Lover recently launched a field-owner/event-organizer matchmaking site. Aiming to open to the public in time for the festival season, visitors to the site are greeted with two options, one for event organizers looking for a host field and one for land owners wanting to make some extra money by leasing out their field. Field Lover seeks to cater for a wide range of functions, such as weddings, festivals, shows, car boot sales, sports and horticulture and can arrange rentals for half a day to agreements that are more long-term.

Land owners will be able to post images of their fields, add a description and lay out their pricing, which they can alter at any time. Signing up is free as the site makes its revenue from advertising. As an introductory offer, Field Lover will be running a competition with prizes worth up to GBP 50, given to one member each month for the first three months.

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