Simplifying Printing In Windows 8

Posted on Jul 26 2012 - 7:01am by CONTRIBUTOR

Editor’s Note: Guest Author Pradeep Yadav, a technology lover, analyzer and  love reporting about different technologies.

With Windows 8 on the roll due for October, Microsoft said that the window 8 printer driver architecture is big step forward. The company says it will provides a very good back up for a lot of the printers that people already own, and back up future devices with a “micro,” very fast, built-in class driver framework, and a new developer blog post drown  in great detail how Microsoft’s done it.

The company has reduced the amount of disk space needed to support printers and imaging devices from 768MB in Windows Vista, to about 184MB in Windows 8. This is a big improvement in Window 8, and this reduction in space used directly translates into more available storage space for users of hardware with limited storage capacity.

(Image Source: Microsoft blog)

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