Significance Of Self-Improvement For Better Jobs In The Future

Posted on Jul 1 2015 - 7:01am by Dan Radak


In the time when children start using gadgets in the first year of life, we have to get ready for tremendous changes in education, some of which are already in progress. Receiving knowledge and getting educated in traditional schools will guarantee neither a job nor a better living. The whole educational process will be happening on a much more diverse level. Even today things are very different than fifteen years ago and it is clear that the future will appreciate only those people who seek self-improvement to achieve success.

Schools on margins

It is pretty difficult for large systems to adapt to fast changes. That is why multinational companies always tend to divide their workload into many smaller departments and firms. Even in developed countries public schools and state-owned health services are the most obvious examples of those massive, cumbersome systems that get run over by time and technology. If you are thirty today and you realize that you aren’t satisfied with the career choice you’ve made, it’s not too probable that you’re going to go back to school. What you manage to learn on your own or in private tutoring is what will be useful for your work in the future.

Savings for better life and work

Money is only paper. Since the Nixon shock in 1971, when the American government stopped fixing the dollar to gold, the rule of demand and supply and direct government decisions have been the key criterion in the money-printing process. So, today you can have a million dollars in cash and it can vanish overnight, due to economic and social turmoil. Still, personal savings are important. For instance, if you lose your job, you will have something to live on until a new opportunity comes up. Secondly, when you save money, you don’t have to buy things in installments and pay interest rates. In addition, having savings will enable you to retrain for a new career and a better job much faster.

Traditional studying

Even though educational institutions aren’t as important as they used to be, methods of studying remain pretty same in every context. Attending courses or classes via the Internet can be smoother and easier than going to lectures in person, but you will still have to revise, read and take exams. Also, it’s much easier to memorize things if you write them down on a sheet of paper or create a document on your computer. On the other hand, some ready-made materials can add to your own studying records, as well.

Perfection through practice 

Changing the course of life and career has to be done through seamless practical work. Both colleges and schools of today still insist too much on theory, rather than practice. Telling students about cows and hens is pointless if you don’t take them to a farm to see those animals in real life. So, for those who want to upgrade their skills and earn more, practical work represents the escalator that will take them to the top.

Later, when you start working, you will have better results if you have developed a habit of putting everything you learn into practice and stand out from other workers.

Only strenuous individual work and strong determination can make you leave your old comfort zone and ensure success in the new area. Constant work on your own improvement and studying will take you there and your life will look better when you achieve your new career goals.

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