Sify mystorage, Cloud Storage Service by Sify Technology Limited

Posted on Jan 5 2012 - 12:40pm by Editorial Staff

Sify Technologies, an Indian based broadband internet provider has launched Sify Mystorage, a cloud based online storage and backup solution for consumers and businesses. The service is a simple, smart and secure way to insure your critical files in your computer.

Mystorage features:

Unlimited computers you can backup files from as many as number of computers, laptops and netbooks you use at work or home on a single storage account option.

Drag and Drop simply drags and drops your files on your desktop storage app and the files will be automatically uploaded to your storage account.

Quick Search you need not manoeuvre through your folders to find a specific file.

Access anywhere access your storage account from anywhere online, upload or download files using the storage desktop or the web app.

Your mirror computer your documents get backed up under the same folder structure as it is in your computer.

Quick restore quickly restore any data lost through virus, computer attack or theft with a single click.

Automatic backup to your storage just schedule automatic backup at a specific time or whenever there are changes made to the documents and the changes will be updated automatically in the documents stored online.

Encrypted storage you can choose to encrypt your files with a password in addition to the existing built-in security layers.

MS Office integrated uploads your documents or email to your storage account directly from your MS Office tools such as MS Word/Excel/Outlook.

Manage your storage easily choose which files or folder needs to be backed up.

Scheduled local storage apart from storing your files online, and additionally schedule your files to be stored on an usb or external drive.

As per the company plan, it will be targeting its 80,000 broadband customers and 19 million visitors on its website to cater the service. The plans, starting with a free trial offering 2GB storage going upto 100GB with a total of 6 or 12 months validity options completely as per your needs.

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