Should You Buy A Used Garage Door?

Posted on Apr 26 2015 - 9:49am by Editorial Staff

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Garage doors are solid, heavy duty appliances at home, not necessarily the kinds that get thrown away in the spring cleaning pile even after a few years. Garage doors can be quite expensive – ranging anywhere between $800 to $9000 and more. So if you are thinking of buying a second hand or a used garage door, we are here to tell you it’s ‘Aok’. Keep the following in mind when you are hunting for a used garage door.

What’s new?

Let’s face it; chances are that you are going to get some really out dated stuff when you go on the lookout for that perfect door. But it is always good to know what it is you want in a garage door. Things like material, finish, glazing, and weathering are just to name a few. You never know, you just might get all that you are looking for at a much lower price in the resale market. The important thing is to know what you are looking for.


Garage doors that you get at second hand outlets, may be in perfect workable condition, but may not necessarily be in sync with what you want aesthetically. That is an adjustment you should be well prepared for. Don’t be surprised if you do get a garage door in pristine condition, with no flaws mechanically, which is as good as new. Buying a garage door which is used, you have to be flexible with what you want, aesthetically.

‘Value’ is totally up to you

You may find a garage door that is in pristine condition, like I said before, but are a little older, probably outdated, not aesthetically pleasing to you, but to look for the value in the good is totally up to you. Some owners look after their equipment so well, that their door, many – at times look as good as new, and sometimes better. It depends on you, the buyer, who is willing to look at the value of the resold door. So go with an open mind.

Label says it is broken

Now sometime you may come across doors that say it is broken or damaged or needs minor repairs. Remember garage doors are pretty sturdy and built to take a lot, withstand the elements, endure time and minor mishandling (if I may add) as well, so don’t let the label disappoint you.These are not the delicate structures that give way just because you accidentally tripped on it.

Part of the door may need repair and replacement, may be a minor glitch in the mechanics of the whole unit, which can be repaired anywhere, all you need to do is get the right dealer to do it for you. Now there is a possibility that you do get a garage door with says broken, and is truly a damaged piece and needs a load of work done one it, which may cost you a fortune, having said that it is still a bargain to go a check out the piece before judging it just by what’s written on the label.

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