Shanghai Court Rejects Proview Appeal, Apple Can Sell iPads In Shanghai

Posted on Feb 23 2012 - 12:26pm by Editorial Staff

In a latest to add over AppleProview legal tuff over the iPad trademark, this time it has seen moving towards for the first time in Cupertino’s based company direction as today Shanghai court has rejected the plead of Proview asking to stop Apple selling its iPad tablet in the city, Proview in its latest move last week taken the trademark turf to the China’s richest city, Shanghai – the Shanghai’s Pudong New Area People’s Court ruled in favour of Apple after a hearing on Wednesday.

According to Ximin News, “A Shanghai court has rebuffed Proview’s demand for an injunction halting the sale of the Apple tablet due to copyright issue. The Pudong New Area People’s Court made the decision yesterday, stating that there wasn’t enough evidence to support Proview’s claim of trademark violation.”

The iPad maker has bought the worldwide rights from Proview Taiwan, including to that of China’s – over on this Proview Shenzhen is now stating that they never authorized its Taiwan counterpart to do so, but according to Apple, they have the complete documentation (paperwork) for the trademark, a report which last week we posted showed some compelling evidence revealed by AllThingsD clearly states that Apple has allegedly purchased the rights to use the “iPad” trademark in China

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