7 Creative Painting Ideas For Decorating Your Child’s Room

Posted on Aug 5 2014 - 9:07am by Cherylann Mollan

Child Room

Childhood is a wonderful stage in a person’s life, not just because of the absence of responsibilities, but because during these years, our propensity for happiness, belief, wonder and trust seems immense. We are curious about things and are not scared by novelty.

Your child is now in that wonderful stage and is looking for novelty and excitement. Infuse some of this into her life by decorating her sacred sanctuary (her room) creatively. The secret to finding a brilliant, creative idea is let your imagination run wild, just like a child, and see what you come up with! Try out this trick at leisure, but till then, here are 7 creative ideas to help you infuse some magic into your child’s room. These quirky painting ideas will surely delight your child and put a big smile on her face!

Messages (Graffiti-like)

Who said shaky-hand graffiti is only for college dropouts? You can use this cool painting idea to infuse a trendy twist to your child’s room. This is especially a great idea if you have teenage kids. Adolescents just love the idea of pouring out rebellious thoughts and ideas onto unsuspecting walls. Of course, your graffiti can be a little more preachy and moral-based rather than defiant.

If your child is below 15, or if you think he or she won’t be impressed by your graffiti experiments, opt for a more subtle approach. Paint out witty sayings and famous quotes on a single wall. Choose a neat, stylized font for a chic look. You can also paint out messages you want to give your child and infuse the room with a personal touch.

Geometric/Alpha-Numeric patterns

This painting idea will require you to go back to your school days, back to those geometry classes wherein you learnt all there is to learn about circles, squares and triangles! Now, put your knowledge to good use and use these geometric shapes to decorate your child’s wall. Geometric shapes are easy to create and add a playful, yet studious feel to your child’s room. Use these shapes to create interesting designs and beautify these designs with colourful paint. You can use a stencil if you wish to create perfectly symmetrical shapes.

If you’re little ones are too small for geometric shapes, painting numbers and the alphabet will be a better option.


Designs painted using stencils have a charm of their own. The neat, symmetric lines make your designs look perfect, as though lifted out of a sticker chart. Stencils also make your painting experience easier and faster. Choose stencils according to your child’s likes. If your little princess loves butterflies and flowers, decorate her wall with these images. If your son is a fan of cars and spacecrafts, create a story using these images. Play around with colours and textures to make the image look creative and realistic.

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Chalkboard Section

This is a great idea for children of all ages, especially those who are at that age when they’ve just discovered the magic of writing and so, feel compelled to scribble everywhere. All you need to do is designate a section in the room for writing and paint this section using chalkboard paint. Now, you’re children can use this section for giving vent to their thoughts. Keep different coloured chalks and a duster handy.

The best part about a chalkboard section is that your children will never outgrow it. Even as they grow up, they can use this section to practise tables, math problems and write essays!

Create Two Different Worlds

An ideal solution for shared bedrooms, this painting idea involves dividing the room into two halves and painting each half a different colour. This will help your children feel like they have a section that belongs solely to them. Paint the sections according to your child’s favourite colour or theme. Choose furniture, bedspreads, mementos and other items in colours that complement the wall colour.

Create a Theme

Art can breathe life into imaginary worlds. So, use art to convert your child’s room into a make-believe world she loves hanging out in. It could be a forest full of talking wild animals or a futuristic space-shuttle, a distant fairyland or a rustic grassland setting, use various textured paints to create realistic fictitious worlds!

You could even recreate settings from your child’s favourite storybook or comic. This will surely make your child feel special and loved.

Draw out a game

Purchasing board games may not be a feasible option for many, Firstly, they are expensive. Secondly, finding sufficient space to store all these games, boxes and all might be problem. Get rid of the need to buy board games by painting puzzles and games on the walls. Re-create a Ludo board or a Snakes and Ladders game on your wall by painting out the squares and other details. Use a washable distemper for this so that your child and her friends can make markings using chalk or sketch pens.

Well, hope you liked these ideas. Now, get your hands on that brush and start painting! Happy decorating!

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