Where To Save And Where To Spend When Booking A Holiday

Posted on Jun 23 2016 - 6:56pm by Editorial Staff

When it comes to booking a holiday, is in inevitably going to cost you money. However, you can be smart about where you spend and where you save. Read on for some guidance on how to be wise when it comes to making these decisions.

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Save on your room

There is a caveat for this point. If you’re going to be spending a lot of time in your room, you may want to spend a bit more. For example, you may be planning a honeymoon where all you will do is lounge around in bed. However, this may not be the case. If you are going on a city break, you may be out the door at 7 am each morning. You may not arrive back in the room until after midnight. If this is the case, why spend money on a luxurious room you’re never even going to see?

Spend on your flights

Your flights are how you begin and end your holiday. Do it the right way, and upgrade. It really will make all the difference! If you’re going short haul, it’s worth it, but it’s even more worth it if you’re going long haul! You can cheap business class flights to Asia, the Caribbean, and even Australia if you look carefully. Flights of this nature usually include perks like more spacious seats and fewer people around you. They also usually include ample food and drink, meaning no need to spend on this

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Save on your activities

There is a really simple way to save money on the activities you do when on holiday. Book them when you get there. If you book when you are still at home, you will usually have to deal with a middle-man agency. They act as the go-between between you and the people who will actually be running or hosting the activity. Their presence means that the price has to go up, so they can take a cut. Waiting until you get to your holiday destination means that you cut out this middle entity. The only risk is that the activity you want may be booked up.

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Spend on your baggage allowance

If you think there is any chance you will do quite a bit of shopping while you are on your holiday, prepare! Pay for more baggage allowance, or an extra bag, in advance. This will cost you extra, but you’ll save far more than if you check-in over your limit! If you’re going to Marrakech, you’ll probably want to buy everything you find in the souks! If you’re going on a shopping holiday to somewhere like NYC, you’re going to come home with more than you left with! Prepare for this and you won’t get a nasty shock when you go to catch your flight home.

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You should also consider if you can buy stuff in the country you’re heading to for significantly cheaper than at home. If you can, it may make better sense to spend on your baggage if you can save on your produce!

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