How To Save When Getting An Industrial Machine Rental?

Posted on Dec 26 2016 - 11:01pm by Editorial Staff

If when getting an industrial machine your main idea is to spend less money on rent, then you will save only once. Try to think one step ahead and to calculate all the maintenance wastes (for example, constant downtime, frequent repairs, spare parts, lubricants and fuel) then you will definitely understand that after getting cheap floor scrubbers or narrow aisle forklifts today you will have to spend even more money in future. So the main point you have to understand about industrial machines rental is that cheap floor scrubbers, for instance, are good at a single parameter – price.

In the end, your rental wastes would only increase and in a few years such an economical floor scrubbers rental may become a real money predator. The overall cost of a cheap forklifts rental is much higher if compared to the more expensive ones. If doing the math you calculates all the numbers, you will see that the difference in waste may reach the point of 25-30%. Moreover, remember that these numbers for narrow aisle forklifts rental do not include the money that you will lost during the downtime and the time that you may spend for the new parts.

If you strongly decided about the forklift rental then there are some ways to save your money. The best option is to think about your rental beforehand: the earlier you order your forklift the less money you will actually spend. When ordering your industrial machine rental you just need to make the first prepayment and then only wait. However, as in any issue, you might face some of the following questions:

  • What is the waiting time of getting your rent on requires floors scrubbers or narrow aisle forklifts? This is very important, because at this point some delays may occur: manufactures delays, customs delays, even transport issues at any moment of the delivery process.
  • What are the guarantees that during the delivery process of your forklifts the rental-company will not bankrupt and simply disappear with your pre-payment money?

Advantages of machine rental right from your city’s warehouse:

  • You can see the needed model “live”;
  • You can try driving the floor scrubbers or forklifts ;
  • You can find and choose the best fitting to your needs;
  • You may find even a better option;

But in any issue in our life there is the dark side of the Moon. Sometimes It happens to warehouses: they might not have the needed packaging arrangement for your forklift rental with the required parameters. That is why industrial machines experts in rent advise to find that seller which has big warehouses where you can always find hundreds of forklift types with various characteristics.

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