Save Your Data From Different Data Loss Crisis With EaseUS Data Recovery Software

Posted on Mar 6 2017 - 9:08am by Editorial Staff

The Basics

We have all gone through the horrifying time when one accidently ends up deleting / losing the most important piece of document on our computers and just can’t find it anywhere. There is no back up on a pen drive, on the cloud, not even a copy mailed to a colleague and all one can do is pray that the IT guy can recover the file for you. The saviour of our times, the IT guy seems to have just the right software to pull us out of trouble, whether it was due to a hard drive crash, virus attack or simply absent minded deletion of files. But now, with EaseUS Data Recovery Software, you can become the saviour for all your colleagues, family and friends and above all for your own self and save the embarrassment of explaining to the IT guy how you lost your ‘Most precious’ files.

Why EaseUS Data Recovery Software?

The good part about EaseUS Data Recovery software is that you do not have to be an IT expert to work it out. Recovering lost files is child’s play now because all you need to do is launch the data recovery software, scan your device for lost files and simply click on the recover button to get them back. It could not be made any simpler. So, go ahead, have a chat with your friend while the software recovers data for you. And just that you know, the software is available for free! You can download it anytime; anywhere you want and start your file recovery almost immediately.

EaseUS Data Recovery software can work under a wide variety of circumstances in which you might have lost your data. Situations like a partition loss, system crash, and formatted drives are considered as points of no return when it comes to data recovery. But this free data recovery software can work even in such situations and recover your data with amazing speed as well as quality. This is why; so many individuals and businesses rely on this software to recover their important files for them.

In case, you have started to get an impression that EaseUS works great on computers, let us tell you that it works equally well memory cards, USB drives, digital cameras, your smartphone and any other type of storage media that you might using. And when we say files, it means it can recover your photos, emails, videos and even audio files for you. So, this free software can address your data recovery needs not only for multiple devices but also multiple data formats making it the only data recovery software you will ever need.

Free Version And The Upgrade Option

In case, you are in a hurry, you can even do a quick scan and recover your file quickly. If you have lost a lot of data, you may even export your scan results and then choose to resume your data recovery when you are free. Yes, it is that simple and easy to use. The free version of EaseUS Data Recovery software comes with a data recovery limit of 2GB which is great for personal use and accidentally deleted files. If you are looking to recover a higher amount of data you can simply buy the Pro version, for a fee of $69.95 which comes with free upgrades and technical support for life time and is much cheaper that what you would pay for data recovery commercially.

Final Words

With EaseUS Data Recovery software, data recovery is now fast, easy, affordable and can be scheduled to suit your time. All you need to do is download the software and start using it when you want. So, what wait any longer? Just download the software and become the saviour for your family and friends!

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