Satellite Television Offering All-New Tech Options Making It a Great Gift for the Holiday Season

Posted on Dec 18 2015 - 9:30am by Editorial Staff


If you’ve yet to find that perfect gift, there’s little time left to make a decision. The holidays are creeping up on your doorstep. Luckily, there’s one gift that is almost guaranteed to be a success and is also super easy (no stress with this one). All you really need is good will and a telephone or Internet connection to order. A year-long subscription to satellite television programming makes an excellent gift, as it’s guaranteed to entertain the recipient all year long. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect from this unique gift including all of its technological advancements.

Lowest Pricing Available

Cable is expensive, but satellite isn’t (at least when you compare the two). Your monthly payment for a Direct TV package, for example, is going to be far less than standard cable offerings (Comcast, Time Warner Cable, etc.). Satellite simply has the better deals in terms of pricing, plus it comes with a lot of extras cable does, such as NFL Sunday Ticket and free DVR upgrades.

If you’re concerned there won’t be local channels available, don’t be. Satellite television providers now offer all the same local channels as any other service. For example, a Ft Worth DIRECTV retailer can help you find a great deal on a cable package that includes all 15 of Fort Worth’s local channels from WFAA to KUVN. And at a monthly price you can afford.

Incredibly Advanced HD DVR System

Not all HD DVRs are created equal. This holiday season why not give the gift of a truly advanced DVR, such as The Genie? The Genie allows you to pause what you were watching in one room and pick up watching it in another. You can rewind, record, and pause live television, as well as set up five recordings at a single time.

DVRs are awesome. They give you full control over when and how you watch a program. Watch it live or record it for later. It’s up to you, and there are a variety of possibilities. A Digital Video Recorder (DVR) unlocks unlimited entertainment possibilities for your recipient.

Watch in HD or 3D

Now satellite offers more high-definition channels than ever. HD is simply better looking than other modes, and on new LED, LCD, and 4K televisions, this programming is more enjoyable than ever. The person you’re buying for will appreciate the abundance of content viewable in rich HD texture, as well as the ability to record their favorite programs and movies in this format.

HD doesn’t just refer to viewing, but also to audio technology. Specifically, the quality of HD sound, provided by satellite TV services, can be labeled as equal to that of a CD. But that’s not all. HD satellite viewers can also take it one step further by attaching surround sound speakers.

3D viewing is the latest satellite offering. Premium channels, such as HBO and rentable movies, are sometimes offered in this format. So, if you’ve got a 3D television, you can enjoy watching immersive 3D content.

Based on this mindset, the entertainment experience is enhanced by innovative and more complex designs and construction. Such complexity aims to improve the whole experience of entertainment, which makes satellite a great gift. Viewers are given countless possibilities to adjust their entertaining options, from sound, video, automation, and many more.

Taking all of the above into consideration, it becomes clear that TV satellite services have a lot of benefits to offer subscribers. Whether your friends want round-the-clock sports viewing or they just want to enjoy a film every now and then, TV satellite service is the ideal gift; especially, during the holiday season.

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