Samsung’s Product Could Be Banned In Iran Over Insulting Commercial

Posted on Feb 3 2012 - 2:09pm by Editorial Staff

South-Korean Electronics giant, Samsung seems like creating much havoc in the middle-east on the basis of fault that too is not of its own – an Israeli commercial may be resulting in causing Samsung’s products to be banned entirely in Iran – as even might further cause and result in bringing an end to Iran’s trade with South Korea. The company produced a 1:20 minutes commercial shortly after the assassination of the Iranian scientist Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan by Mossad agents in Tehran, in which Iran had been depicted as a primitive society.

According to PressTV, Head of Majlis Energy Committee Arsalan Fat’hipour said, “the double-urgency plan, aimed at imposing a complete ban on buying all Samsung products, would make the company regret making the insulting teaser.” The Iranian lawmaker added that forgetting the high volume of its trade with Iran, the company has produced the teaser to curry favor with Israel.

Samsung’s public relations official in Tehran, Elaheh Taheri, told reporters on Thursday the clip had nothing to do with the South Korean company and that it had been produced by an Israeli cable TV station, Hot.

The commercial results in causing harm to the South-Korean giant through having no fault of their own. The company will face a potential boycott based on a commercial. Meanwhile, the potential boycott has also no doubt views of the ad that may have gone unnoticed by the vast majority.

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