Samsung Teases New Quad-Core Mobile Processor, Successor Of Its Current Exynos Chip

Posted on Feb 24 2012 - 7:26am by Editorial Staff

Samsung unveiled its new first quad-core mobile processor, which is also said-to be a successor of its current Exynos chip at the International Solid-state Circuits Conference – the new chip comes in both dual as well as quad core format and will use 32nm part rather than 45nm process, which the current Exynos uses.

The company also promises an improvement in battery life to 34 to 50 percent and along with that it is also supposed to improve video framerates by about a quarter. The new Exynos comes paired with the latest version of Samsung’s own graphics chip, which has 4 pixel processors and 1 geometry engine with 128 KB L2 cache. The graphics support OpenGL ES 2.0 and can generate up to 57 MPolygons/s.

The new CPU also has support for either LPDDR2 or DDR3. Well what make us interesting to consider here is that the new chip is being made in comparison with a dual-core new Exynos – we’ll find out soon next week during Mobile World Congress, when Samsung may officially announce the new Exynos.

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