Adds ‘Topics And Expertise’ To Its Chatter Enterprise Social Network

Posted on Apr 4 2013 - 8:35am by Editorial Staff

Salesforce-Chatter announced that it has updated its enterprise social network called Chatter which will enables companies to find themselves tapping into the interest graph. The updated version includes features such as “Topics and Expertise” which will be found integrating useful information collected via different social channels helping them to produce better discover insights, identify experts and better related resources.

The feature “Topics and Expertise” can allow users to analyze and categorize information within Salesforce platform, allowing the new Chatter to “seamlessly connect related experts, files, groups and other information, all on a single topic page.” In order to make it work, a user have to log into Chatter and add a post to the News Feed and then apply tags to have it assigned to a specific topic although interesting is that users don’t need to stay with the one suggested tags and have the freedom to create their own as well as to apply to the post.

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