Who Said PC And Console Gamers Can’t Get Along?

Posted on Jul 21 2017 - 9:21am by Editorial Staff

There’s always been a war between PC and console gamers. Each side continues to assault the other, using the types of games, hardware and even lifestyles as a means to argue about which side is superior. This divide often splits gamers, forcing them to pick one side or another. However, as time goes on and gamers stop arguing over silly details, more and more people are realising the benefits of having not just one, but both a console and a computer.

PC and console gamers can get along just fine—all you need to do is forget the archaic mentality of console vs PC. To give you an idea of how embracing both can benefit you, here are a couple of convincing examples.

Mixing peripherals

It used to be strange (and even borderline offensive) for a PC gamer to even touch a gamepad. Keyboard and mouse has been the combination of choice for PC gamers since the early days, but there are plenty of advantages that come with mixing peripherals. For instance, having a BlueTooth keyboard handy is perfect for online gaming sessions on consoles. It’s a lot faster than typing by moving your cursor across a virtual keyboard and it means you spend less time communicating and more time playing.

In addition, having a gamepad is comfortable for PC gamers who have their computers in the living room or bedroom and want to relax in their chair while they play gamepad-oriented titles. In terms of furniture, items like the Merax gaming chair can add comfort to any gamer’s setup, regardless of if they play on consoles or PC. Console gamers don’t always have to sit on the couch, and PC gamers don’t always need to sit on an office chair—you can mix them around.

Cross-platform play

One of the most troubling things about choosing between a console or PC in the past was online play. PC gamers had to play with other PC gamers and console players had to choose which console to play on. If you had a lot of friends, this meant you’d need to own a computer and every console in order to play with your friends.

This is now a thing of the past thanks to cross-platform technology. Games like Street Fighter 5 allow PS4 players to compete against PC gamers on their online platform, and Rocket League also has cross-play enabled between the PC and Xbox One versions. Sadly, Sony has decided that they won’t allow PS4 gamers to compete against PC and Xbox One players, a decision which has been met with a lot of negative criticism.

Platform exclusives

If you want the full gaming experience, then you can’t limit yourself to just one console or a PC. There are plenty of wonderful console-exclusive games such as the Uncharted series on PlayStation that can’t be played on any other platform, and there are thousands of indie games available for digital download on storefronts like Steam.

Add on the almost unlimited number of free-to-play games on the PC such as League of Legends and Dota 2, and you’d be foolish to stubbornly stick to just a single console.

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