Russian ‘Act For Information’ Act Results In Wikipedia Blackout In Protest In Russia

Posted on Jul 10 2012 - 4:33am by Editorial Staff

Likely the way as that of SOPA and PIPA, there are other parts of the world where organizations do utter time to time when it comes to freedom barrier for knowledge. This is what happened today. The story shoot out completely if Russian government plans of exploring amendments to the “act for information” come into effect, which will results in blocking Wikipedia Russian version for users in the country.

Here’s what Wikipedia had to say about this today (translated):

Lobbyists and activists supporting the amendments, argue that they are directed exclusively against the content such as child pornography “and things like that,” but to follow the provisions and wording to be discussed, will result in the creation of a Russian analogue of the “Great Chinese Firewall.” The practice of law, which exists in Russia, says a high probability of worst-case scenario, in which access to Wikipedia was soon to be closed across the country.

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