Risky Link Building Tactics That Might Harm Your SEO

Posted on Aug 23 2013 - 12:01am by Helen Baker

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With so much available for almost free it is still disappointing that link building and manual outreach services are providing shoddy efforts to website optimization and improving brand presence. The adverts like Go Compare and Ladbrokes might seem annoying to some but they achieved success in what they were set out for. They have at least provided an opportunity to connect easily with the brand they belonged to and plainly they did bring in more revenue. Most link building services work to set businesses on top of Google search pages but it is amazing that a majority of them have never even used tools for automated directory submissions, spare having tested them. It would be highly helpful to clients to get traditional in some cases and establish high inflow of traffic than the more known lazy ineffectual tactics.

The struggle between search engines like Google and the webmasters seem endless. Also every time, SEO service providers have come up with new techniques to boost traffic, Google has played a spoilsport and the information loses the freshness. Many tactics that were effective last year are outdated now and are is a sheer waste of time and money to rely upon. Here are some of the common methods that don’t seem to work too well and could be a risky take.

Blog comments

There are a millions of blogs where the comments are not moderated. This results in black hat SEOs, spams and meaningless comments under weird nick names under posts. Most of these spam commentaries aren’t even moderated for the blogs they are posted to resulting in total disparity between the content of the post and the comment therein. If you are keen to write comments, be genuine. Just copy pasting the same marketing text in whatever blog you come across is not a good idea. The comment and the commenter should seem natural and there should be genuine concern for the related post in the main content of the page. Also ensure that the blog should be reasonable and you shouldn’t get lost in adult spammy neighbors.

Blog reviews

For people in the SEO business, there are several websites that get SEOs and bloggers together. Addresses include SponsoredReviews.com where one can purchase links from blogs. It is evident that these blogs have been made just to generate revenue and has nothing for the regular surfer. Thus, thus is little chance that you can get any substantial benefit from purchasing from these sites. Even when you do, you are attached to low quality content that can only displease and will not induce the reader to check out more of it. Further, these low quality material if not harmful directly can lead to a penalty from Google.

Don’t run too much

Once successful, it is alluring that you go for more of it. However, there is a limit to focusing on SEO. It is important to remember that higher rankings should come as much in the form of natural visits as possible. Never lose track of the quality of the content that you are using for SEO. If you have purchased 10 reviews and 10 top quality blogs and are successful, don’t run for a 100 more of it. This will end you up in ruining the whole palate.

Patience is the key and it will help if you focus more on your core competency rather than generating SEO for a hollow product/service page.

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