Rise of The Cord-Cutter

Posted on Aug 4 2014 - 8:29am by Alexandra Ashton


People have been turning their phones into the ultimate entertainment platform. Since years ago when the iPhone became a top medium for people to buy new products, surf for new stuff and watch supreme quality of television, the iPhone has served to become the best way for people to understand the vast world of entertainment. It has also become the ultimate tool for people to travel, book tickets and hotels and update on their favorite bands.

The ultimate platform for entertainment today seems to be the small tablet you couldn’t imagine to exist just decades back. These smartphones are now becoming the medium that people use for them to watch their favorite shows and to get into the bandwagon of wonderful television entertainment. It would be funny to watch a high-caliber action-packed TV show on the screen, but portability trumps everything else, and so it is still more convenient to watch TV using phones.

This infographic is a simple guide on how to understand the transition of people from watching Game of Thrones and wonderful TV from just the regular boxed cube that television offers to the outstanding ubiquitous quality of TV provided by tablets, smartphones and other portable devices. Understand how TV has managed to change the landscape of entertainment with this infographic.

This infographic is a summary of the statistics that you need to learn about how the world of television has transitioned from the boxed cube the post-war people had had to the new portable ubiquitous units that the sophisticated modern man carries with him anywhere. Learn how many people carry their phones and watch TV with them with this infographic. This infographic is all about TV 2.0. Learn how people are transitioning from regular TV viewing to Tablet Streaming with this infographic about TV 2.0.Learn the basics stuff about how TV 2.0 runs today with this infographic.


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