Revealed – The Unconventional Motivation Hacks That Work For Any Business

Posted on Sep 9 2016 - 9:04pm by Editorial Staff

When you do the same kind of work day in and day out, you will start feeling demotivated. Even if your job is to play computer games all day long! Sure, taking a few days off here and there will help to break the monotony of everyday routine. But, there needs to be a better option.

Why? Even taking some days off won’t help much in some cases. In fact, some folks will feel so bored they will quit their jobs and do something else! When you run a business, part of your job is to motivate your workers.


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I could spend the next ten minutes giving you examples of things you already know. But, I want to do something different instead. Today, I’d like to give you some ideas of unconventional motivation hacks that work! Want to know what they are? Check out the examples below:

Let your staff finish work early each Friday

Most people won’t admit it, but they aren’t feeling productive on a Friday afternoon. They know the weekend is just a few hours away, and they aren’t in “the zone” to work.

There’s no point keeping your staff in the office if they aren’t feeling productive. Instead, let them go home at 1 PM or thereabouts. Okay, you might be wondering how that will boost motivation. Well, subconsciously they will feel their working week isn’t as long as it could be. Plus, they will be more productive during Friday morning.

Create an in-office daycare center

One of the struggles that most parents have is trying to juggle work and family life. If a parent has a full-time job, they have to pay for someone to look after their babies and toddlers. It’s also a sad thought for them because they won’t spend as much time with their kids.

A solution to that problem is to create an in-office daycare center. For a start, they won’t have to pay any childcare costs. Second, they get to see their youngsters on their lunch breaks. And, third, they’ll feel content working and knowing their young children are close by.


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Let your staff choose their furniture

One interesting fact about office furniture is that it can make you feel demotivated. For instance, an uncomfortable chair could mean your mind is on your back pain rather than your work. And a small desk could frustrate you when you need to spread out.

To boost motivation, you should consider letting your staff choose their furniture. They can look at sites like Arnold’s Office Furniture for inspiration. It’s an unconventional hack that works wonders. Especially for people that have demanding jobs.

Give your staff a free lunch

Last, but not least, it’s no secret that the cost of eating out is rising. Yes, some workers might bring in their lunch from home. But, there might be times where they don’t have the time to prepare their meals.


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Food is always a good motivational tool and incentive to work. Treat your staff to a decent spread each day. They’ll want to spend more time at work than at home!

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