Report: Mobile’s Role in a Consumer’s Media Day

Posted on Jul 16 2012 - 6:33pm by Editorial Staff

Mobile Advertisements revenues these days play a big role in today’s ongoing day-by-day increasing digital economy, even the report which was conducted with Internet Advertising Bureau in conjunction with ABI Research revealed huge high today discussing the facts and figure that how this Mobile Ads will make huge difference in the future with ads appear on tablets and smartphones are the devices that indulge users to highest levels of engagement. The report was conducted by interviewing 552 smartphone users and 563 tablet users. The 70-page report embedded below. Here are a few of the more interesting takeaways:

  • Smartphones are mission-critical devices for life, with nearly 70% of smartphone users saying they “won’t leave home without it.”
  • By contrast, tablets are a media consumption hub, with nearly 70% of tablet users reporting that their tablet is an “entertainment device.”
  • Engagement on tablets surpasses engagement on smartphones. Across key dimensions – use/consumption, the receptivity and action related to advertising, and the activity of shopping – tablet users are more easily engaged.
  • Although smartphones are more likely than tablets to be used outside the home, there is a clear reliance on their smartphones across high-value activities at home as well, for example while reading print media and watching TV.

IAB Mobile Devices Report Final

(Image Source: IAB Site)

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