Report: Data Centers Worldwide Accounts For 30 Billion Watts Of Electricity

Posted on Sep 24 2012 - 5:10am by Editorial Staff

According to a new report “Power, Pollution and the Internet” by The New York Times on the internet’s energy consumption, the first entry in a multi-part investigative series estimates that data centers across the world accounts for 30 billion watts of electricity, including in which one-third of total i.e. 10 billion watts used in the United States alone. The publication citing an anonymous executive says “this is an industry dirty secret.” The consulting firm McKinsey & Company analyzing the utilization figures for The Times since from 2008, the time when its report received a little notice outside the field. Due to the confidentiality agreements, the firm not able to name the companies that were sampled. The report provides an account of lot more, and will be good to read in full. For full report, click here.

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