Remodelling Your Investment: 5 Tips to Add Value To Your Home

Posted on Aug 5 2013 - 6:29pm by Kathrine Kreger


If you own an investment home that you rent out, you have to keep it in good enough condition to attract a steady stream of renters willing to pay what you need to make a profit. But you also don’t want to invest more into the home than you have to. There are a number of inexpensive ways you can remodel you investment home to add value without breaking the bank. Here are five of them.

Replace hardware

You can easily spruce old and dingy kitchen and bathroom cabinets by adding new door handles and drawer pulls. Changing from dark brass to sleek silver can make the room look more modern. Also, adding handles and pulls to drawers that don’t have them can spruce up the look. You can usually do this work for as little as three dollars a piece for each piece of hardware.

Update Fixtures

One of the easiest ways to update your home is to upgrade your electrical and plumbing fixtures. A new light fixture can add more lighting to the room and even give your room a more spacious look. Lighting fixtures easily standout when you have company or a potential buyer looking at your home.

Plumbing fixtures also add value to your home. By updating your kitchen and bathroom sinks, adding new toilets and installing new faucets you give your home a new look. Some of these updates can be done by yourself or you can ask the experts like Orange County faucet replacement company.


For the price, you can’t beat the value you get from painting a room. Nothing will give your rental house a new, updated look more than a new coat of paint in each room. You should definitely repaint if there are a lot of scuffs and chips on the walls or if a room is painted a funky color that’s likely to turn off potential rentals. A gallon of paint costs around thirty to fifty dollars, and one gallon is usually sufficient for a room.

Spruce up your window treatments

If your rental house has large, heavy curtains, you can both update the look of your house as well as let in more light by installing blinds. You can usually find cheap blinds for as little as twenty five dollars per window.


If your rental house has a yard, you can improve the value by sprucing up the landscaping. Add some flowers and bushes and reseed or add sod to places where the grass isn’t growing.

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