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Posted on Aug 29 2017 - 3:02pm by Editorial Staff

Working from home brings great benefits, especially for those that have commitments that require them to be at home like caring for a loved one, or if you have children. It can however, become tedious, lonely, and you might find it harder to switch off when you’ve finished your work for the day. Here is a reminder of why working from home is a good idea. This should rekindle your love for working from home.

No commute

If you’ve ever had a job that’s away from your home then you’ve got to admit, the commuting back and forth can be very stressful even if you’re only going a short distance. Working from home eliminates that stress, meaning that you will be happier when you start your work day than those who have to travel every morning.


Think about everyone else that’s stuck in a regular nine to five job, and they have to work their personal lives around their working hours. You can work at any point you choose to, so if you decide to take the kids out for the day you know you can complete the work when they’re in bed.


It’s really easy to market your business from home, taking advantage of using social media for free will make marketing a piece of cake. You will also be able to free yourself up to attend marketing events because you will be able to do your work as and when you choose to.

No uniform

When you’re working away from home, it’s likely that you will have to wear a uniform, or at least a certain attire for your job. When you’re working at home, if you feel like working in your pyjamas then you can! It’s completely up to you what you wear.

Less stressful

Working from home tends to be less stressful because if it all get’s too much you have the freedom to take a short break and clear your head. Also, because of your flexibility within your job, you could walk away for the day and come back later when you feel like you can handle what is going on.

You will save money

If you used to take public transport to your job away from home then the first thing you will save money on is the commute to work. Secondly, you will also be eating at home meaning no expensive store-bought lunches if you forget your packed lunch. You will have more control over what you eat; therefore more control over your money.

No distractions – well, almost!

In an office environment it’s easy to become distracted from the work you’re supposed to be doing. At home however, you’re less likely to become distracted if you ensure that there isn’t a television on nearby. Of course, having children around can be a distraction but then again, you can pick up the work again once they’re in bed.

Don’t forget that compared to others, you have the upper hand with your job because of all of the above! Love working from home again!

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