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Posted on Dec 30 2013 - 10:40am by Andy Storm

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Home is where your heart is! After cutting through the hustle bustle of the outside world, all day long, you wish to return to your warm, cozy haven of tranquility and comfort. The colors and interiors of a house largely determine the moods, feelings, thinking and living style of the people residing there. Hence, if you have grown weary of your home interiors and wish to refurbish the house in some way, here are some tips you could use:

Create Spacious Walls

A house impregnated with stuffy interiors and congregated with furniture could feel stifling. If you are planning to de clutter your house and simplify its interiors in order to give the house a spacious look, then here’s a tip – After the painting and re polishing of the rooms is done, remove decorative pieces like statues, paintings etc from the wall. Wipe the walls clean of almost every decorative accessory. You would be surprised how neat and spacious your house looks. This kind of an interior designing tip is ideal for putting up a bachelors pad or a spinsters nest!

Small Sized Rooms? Soft Shades!

For a house which is small in size, the structures would naturally be packed, and you certainly do not have any plans to renovate it soon. So, how to make the rooms look larger than their actual size? Well, choose soft pastel shades to paint the walls of your room as lighter colors give the impression of a larger space area than what actually exists.  How about painting your living room with a sober peach or shell pink, your kitchen with a very remarkably soft olive green and your bedroom with a soothing and calming baby blue! The next time you enter your house, you could notice a lot more space in each room which would make you breathe in the space better!

Brighten Up With Mirrors

In order to instantly brighten up your room with sufficient amount of light, try putting mirrors, just above the windows.  The simple reason why this tip would increase the light quotient of your house is that mirrors reflect light. Whether sunlight rays or those emitted from artificial lights, on touching the surface of the mirror travel back instantly thereby spreading more brightness in the room. Hanging mirrors on the wall also make your room appear large in size and in all, gives a really classy look to your entire house.

Encourage The Interiors To Be Green

Have you ever seen houses that are adorned at the inside and the outside with green plants and beautiful flowers? Well, to add a dash of refreshment to your house, try changing its looks by using plants. An abundant asparagus fern, bamboo palm, china doll or arrowhead vine are some of the most popularly used house plants. And it is not necessary to restrict yourself to only green plants. You could embellish the side corners of your house by putting peaceful lilies and orchids there. Not only these plant interiors add a calming effect to the environment of your house, but they also make your house exhibit a unique charm and grace, and that too in a cost effective manner. Not to mention your day to day oxygen supply would get augmented by spending time with your green friends who stand still and keep smiling at you all the time!

Luxurious Carpets and Rugs

Poor or worn out flooring in your otherwise beautiful house could be synonymous to a scar on the lovely moon! Now, that was not a cliche, though it might sound like one! When the quality of your floor, tends to deteriorate, then either get that repaired immediately, which is usually not possible instantly as it might upset your budget, or get a lovely cover for the same (for example you can check the great resource for custom size rugs). Rugs and carpets give a warm and cozy feel to your house making it look very comfortable and complete. Apart from adding density to your house, rugs also give a distinct personality and color wherever they are laid, so step out and make your favorite pick.

Richer Colors For Wholesome Rooms

If the rooms of your house are too large in size and you just do not know how to utilize the massive space available to you, then try to switch colors of your walls from pastel to rich. Too much of space could also affect the clarity of your mind which leads to a confused and unstructured thought process. It is comparatively easier to maintain your concentration levels in a comparatively smaller room that the one which is big and spaced out. And if the walls of your house are painted in light shades, it would only help in making the rooms appear larger and even more scattered. Try using the comforting sap greens or electric blues to add more functionality to your rooms. Sometimes, keeping all 3 walls painted with a light color and highlighting only one wall with a dark color could give a wholesome look to your house.

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