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Diamonds and the Academy Awards

If you have a penchant for all things fashionable and if you are interested in Australian diamond brokers, then of course you want to know all about how diamonds have dominated Academy Awards fashion and especially at the most recent Academy Awards this past year. Let me tell you all about some of the latest diamond jewellery that you may find as part of the Academy Awards. Hang on—we’re in for quite a story.

Jennifer Lawrence’s Cascade Look

Many famous actors in Hollywood, and especially actresses, wear beautiful jewelry as part of their Academy Awards ensembles. For example, Jennifer Lawrence, candidate for best actress (and eventual winner) wore tiny briolette diamonds that cascaded down her back, all the way to her waist. This string of diamonds was made by Chopard, and she was stunningly gorgeous with matching drop earrings. The red carpet has never seen the likes of anything this beautiful before, and Hollywood was awed by her presence. The cascade look, with the tiny diamonds, is perfect for the way the new style is headed on the red carpet. Many are taking their cues from those who specialize, like Australian diamond brokers often do, in tiny diamonds that can be fit to perfection. The cascade look is gentle and easy on the eyes, and it allows the diamonds to sparkle extra. You won’t be disappointed if you go for this look, and you can find wholesale diamonds to make it worth your while.

Tiffany for Anne

The stunningly beautiful Anne Hathaway won an award for best supporting actress, and she looked incredible in her Tiffany and Co. ornately assembled diamond/platinum necklace, done up in a floral style. She also wore matching bracelets and little tiny earrings, and you won’t believe how much she was worth in diamond jewelry that evening: $839,300. Hathaway awed audiences with her beauty, and Australian diamond brokers rejoiced at the possibility of making such beautiful options available to the larger market. Diamond and platinum goes together so nicely that it’s most important to find pieces with this ornate look and possibility shimmering on. Australian diamond brokers are sure to take a cue from this look, again, for it is one that will be both timeless and ever timely, as diamond importers know.

Hunt-ing for Strings

Helen Hunt also looked especially ravishing. She was a nominee for best supporting actress, but she didn’t need to be a supporting actress on the red carpet. Hollywood was awed by her look in a tiny-diamond necklace, wearing multi-strings to suit the occasion perfectly. She wore matching earrings, too, and her entire diamond set was worth $700,000. Multi-strings are the latest Hollywood red carpet look, and they’re sure to cause quite a stir on you. The vibrancy of the strings adds a fresh look to what is otherwise just a small strand of diamonds. These are perfect for any occasion where you want to look absolutely divine, stunning even. Multi-strings come highly recommended as a way to make your diamonds shine more this July.

Be Gorgeous and Matching

The amazingly beautiful Jessica Chastain was a nominee for best actress, too, and while she didn’t win this award, she stunned audiences with her Harry Winston diamond earrings. The red carpet loves a good vintage look, and Chastain was gorgeous in her earrings and matching bracelet, suiting the occasion perfectly. Hollywood is always on top of the latest trends, and vintage is the next big thing coming out of its red carpet lifestyle. Australian diamond brokers were able to look to see what the most desirable vintage patterns in jewelry would be, and Chastain’s look is definitely one of them. The vintage is on the up and up, so you’ll definitely want to pay attention to this look, and possibly see it paired with diamond rings that sparkle just as much.

Not Miserable with 14 Carats

Also looking especially beautiful was Samantha Barks, a British actress who appeared in Les Miserables. If you’re into big diamonds, you may want to look for something like what Barks had on: her diamond was 14.67 carats, and it was oval and held in the perfect pendant. The necklace in which the diamond was set was 18k gold, and it was made by House of Waris for Forevermark. Big diamonds are all the latest rage, and Australian diamond wholesalers are looking for ways to make these styles relevant to the time and place that the red carpet initiates with its brilliance. So you too may want to investigate purchasing a large diamond such as that worn by Barks, for its size and brilliance is unmatched.

The Opal Comeback

Last but not least, we introduce the opal earrings that Jenna Dewan-Tatum wore (along with an opal ring). These fashionable and lovely milky jewels were designed by Irene Neuwirth, a California designer who specializes in the alternative settings that many of you may be interested in acquiring. The opal is coming back in style as a lighter, more gauze-like jewel, and it looks absolutely beautiful set with diamonds and working to highlight the beauty of its wearer. You’ll want to pair this look with diamond rings that give your hand an extra sparkle.

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