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Posted on Aug 7 2017 - 8:44pm by Editorial Staff

Even the most careful of computer users can sometimes absent mindedly delete files that they need the most. Such instances usually occur very close to important events such as an important presentation or a assignment submission or a audio performance. All one can do is find a data recovery expert at the eleventh hour, pay an exorbitant fee for the recovery of a file that is just a few MB in size and get GBs of junk data as an unwanted gift to go along. But what if we told you that hard drive data recovery software was free and available whenever you needed it, day or night.

There are a lot of file recovery software advertised on the internet today, but all of them have the same catch. They promise the moon and charge a fee that is equally high. But Disk Drill is different. It is one of those unique software that quietly does it work and is absolutely free. You can download the software in a few minutes and start recovering your lost files instantly. In a hurry? Just go to the official website and download the software to get started, and while the installs you read about the features of the file recovery software.

First and foremost, Disk Drill works not only for your computer but also for SD cards and USB flash drives. If you are a Mac OS user, there is a Mac File Recovery software as well that you could download for your system. Post the hard drive recovery, the memory sectors of the hard drive become available for overwriting when files are deleted, you need to act fast and minimize your use of the hard disk until your files are recovered. So, as soon as you realize you have lost your files, simply download Disk Drill and initiate file recovery immediately.

Once installed and run, Disk Drill will recognize the partitions on your computer and make available the ‘Recover’ option once it is ready. All you need to do is select the drive from which your file was deleted and hit the Recover button. The HDD recovery software will now scan the drive for all deleted files. Once the scan is complete, you will be able to see the files you need and many others that the computer itself creates and deletes from time to time. There are lot of options to filter through this data and once you have recognized your files, you can simply pick the files you need and return back to the task at hand. Recovery might take a little more time, depending on the size of the file, but you can set a location for file recovery and you can be sure that you will see your file where you want, once completely recovered.

Disk Drill also comes with a nifty feature called Recovery Vault that keeps track of changes being made to the files on your drive. Keeping the Vault ‘On’ ensures that all changes being made to your files and drive are indexed, which makes their recovery easier in the future. While the Recovery Vault does not guarantee the recovery of data, it does significantly increase the chances of recovery. Using Recovery Vault also ensures that file recovery times can be reduced to a few seconds.

This file recovery software comes with the option of a Deep Scan that allows you to scan the drive byte by byte to ensure recovery of large amounts of data. Although the scan takes longer to complete, it also ensures that you get complete information of files on the hard drive, increasing your chances of recovering data that you really need.

Disk Drill works with a wide variety of file types and can recover all sorts of files where audio, video, presentations, zip files etc. with quite an ease. Do bear in mind though that this file recovery software supports free recovery for only 100 MB of data. For recoveries beyond this, you will have to become a PRO user by paying a onetime fee of $89. This file recovery software can work on computers that run on Windows XP or higher and needs just 16MB of disk space to install and run. So, no matter which version of the Windows OS you are running, Disk Drill is available for you, at a click of a button.

With over 10 million plus downloads and users in more than 150+ countries, Disk Drill is the one of the most popular file recovery software in the world. With options of free or PRO usage, Disk Drill gives the user the flexibility to choose the package, depending on their usage. Liked by corporate as well a personal users, Disk Drill is a simple file recovery solution that everybody must have.

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