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Posted on May 19 2017 - 8:57am by Editorial Staff

Computer are great, they help us do stuff, create, give wings to our dreams, imagination and creativity. For any one today, his/her personal computer is important and many a times priceless, not because of the amount the machine costs, but the amount of data that the machine holds. Writing up your academic papers, or just a story that you came up with in the middle of the night, taking down notes in the meeting to creating project blue prints for a important client, or creating an album that stores all the pictures that you have taken in the last year or so, a computer has become an extension of ourselves, which makes whatever information it holds priceless. And many times that information can be fragile and lost forever.

It is this precise reason why more than ever we need to equip ourselves with the latest in recovery software and one such name is the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a free software that works towards recovering your misplace data and getting it back to you for safe keeping. This free software works with data that is accidentally deleted, when there is a virus attack, when the system crashes, or when you accidentally format your system without backing your data, as well as in other cases. Loosing data can be tough but it is always a good feeling to know that you can always retrieve it.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard works on all sorts of devices, from USBs that a prone to mechanical and technical damage to laptops and desk tops that store massive data. this data recovery system also works on servers that story massive tones of information, and the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard works its wonders there too.

What makes the EaseUS recovery system stand apart from those in the market is that it is extremely easy to use. Within a few steps you will be able to recover the data that you have lost with ease. The EaseUS data recovery software is easy to download, once downloaded and opened the software scans your device for lost data. While the quick scan runs through the surface, the deep scan option can retrieve lost data from any corner of your system. The data recovery wizard also shows you a preview of the data that is being recovered so that you can take a last minute call. Once the data is retrieved, you can back it up and store it in a safer place, till another time when the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard has to be put to use again.

Available in three variations, the EaseUS recovery software is free to use, for recovering up to 2 GB worth of data. This includes all kinds of files and folders, such as music files, videos, pictures and document. For a price of $ 69.95 you can get the Pro version that allows you unlimited recovery and for the Pro +WinPE – which allows you recovery even if you device crashes, which is great.

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