Qualcomm: No Quad-Core Phones At MWC, Instead SnapDragon S4 Will Make Its Debut

Posted on Feb 22 2012 - 7:02am by Editorial Staff

With the Mobile World Congress is now not so far away, there is an urge of a huge hope from almost all mobile makers around the world – that what they are coming up with – with this year event, we are hoping to see the world’s first quad-core smartphone but there is also other thing coming too that that world’s biggest mobile chipmaker “probably” disappoint all of us.

Qualcomm VP of product management Raj Talluri told Gigaom that, “The only quad-core Snapdragon smartphones we’ll see in Barcelona will be conceptual, but he promised we’ll see something even more elusive: an LTE phone that won’t eat your battery for lunch. Qualcomm’s 8960 chipset, a dual-core Snapdragon processor with an integrated LTE chipset, will debut in multiple phones at MWC.”

The quad-core LTE smartphone might come up with a surprise as so far all of the current designs of quad-core – Qualcomm’s included – consist of only standalone processors, meaning that any device using them will compound its “poor power performance.” The company is hoping that it can figure it out the problem with its unique processor design.

(Image Credit: AnandTech)

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