Psychology Of Breaking Bad (Infographic)

Posted on Sep 30 2013 - 11:19am by Alexandra Ashton

Who knew colors could say so much about you? Don’t you believe it? Take a look at our latest infographic about the symbols that represent the personalities of each character in the acclaimed series “Breaking Bad”. The story revolves around the chemistry teacherWalter White, who has a pregnant wife, Skyler, and a son with cerebral palsy. If that wasn’t enough already, he is diagnosed with terminal lung cancer in the third stage. So it’s no wonder that his house is a reflection of his state of mind: the orange spots, for instance, symbolize his habit to repress emotions and accumulating the tension under the surface.

After getting the bad news, Walter is determined to generate enough money before his death so he’ll know his family is fine. That is how Walter enters the illegal drug market, using his chemistry knowledge to produce extremely powerful methamphetamine with the help of Jesse Pinkman, his former student. They set up an operation in a trailer in the desert, where the two lab partners end up having to defend themselves from two drug traffickers and former distributors of Jesse, who accuse Walter of being a DEA agent.

And the story goes on during five amazing seasons, highly praised by the international critic and distinguished with two Emmy Awards, just for its first season. The New York Post said “the acting is as good as you’ll see on TV” andthe magazine Time said that the series “has the elements of success”. With amazing numbers regarding the amount of fans who accompanied every episode through the television, we can easily say that the series is formed by several layers. And although the layer explored by our infographic is not the most visible one, it’s certainly one of the most important and symbolic. So don’t waste any more time and let’s check what every house has to say about its character!


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