Latest Ways To Protect Your Data By Single Sign On

Posted on May 27 2014 - 9:52am by Kevin Shahbazi


Single sign on or SSO might be a topic that you have heard about lately. The reason of SSO being so popular is because of the importance of data protection. There are many benefits that it could bring to you which you might already have an idea of what they are. However, for those who are not too familiar of SSO, this is the ideal article for you to read. You will learn about what SSO is all about, its many benefits and other factors such as data protection.

What is Single Sign-on?

SSO is a method wherein a single action of user authentication and authorization can allow access all systems and computers where an individual has access approval. It also falls into having no need to input multiple passwords. On the other hand, single sign off is the mechanism where in a single action of signing out could conclude all access to multiple software systems.

Utilizing the traditional web single sign on has been essential in controlling and managing access to resources. It also provides a unified and protected experience for all online users. It has allowed users to freely move from one web-based matter to another. It also allows smooth interaction with other applications and external websites.

Why should you prefer single sign on?

There are a number of benefits that come along with single sign on. If you already have a good idea of how it works and actually use it at the office or other computers and laptops, then you know how helpful it is. The following are the advantages of single sign on:

  • It virtually reduces the time spent on re-entering passwords for an individual with the same identity.
  • Ideal for reassuring password security among many individuals
  • It essentially lessens password fatigue from diverse user names and password combinations
  • In the office, it practically cuts off IT costs since there will be a lower need of IT help calls regarding passwords.
  • Shares integrated authentication servers that other systems and applications utilize for authentication purposes.
  • For the healthcare industry, SSO is ideal for doctors who need to sign on to a certain database to have access to a patient’s files.
  • There are certain applications that provide easy-access to a wide variety of accounts, especially social media.
  • Reduces the chances of forgetting passwords because you will have one-set master password which is better than having many passwords.
  • With the development of more advanced technologies, there will be more help to identify a hacker in a certain system in which it will lock out the possible hacker from the other remaining systems.

What is data protection?

The phrase “data protection” is definitely something you should focus on especially if you have many personal data on your computer or laptop. Data protection is basically methods on how you can secure the data that you already have. Besides a password manager, there are also other methods you could try out to protect your information. Here are the following ways on how you can secure you files:

  • Save as your work – Make sure to always save what you are working on so that you do not lose too much of your information.
  • Create a backup file – Try saving information in an external hard drive so that if your computer fails you, you still have your back up drive.
  • Create strong passwords – Do not settle with passwords that are too easy to guess. If you have one master password, make sure that it is challenging and almost impossible to guess even for your close family members.

Generally, using the single sign on mechanism could bring you many benefits. Depending on your personal and work life, it really depends if you want to use it or not. Many offices may have an SSO system because of the advantages that it brings.

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