How To Protect Yourself And Others From Road Rage

Posted on Sep 30 2017 - 12:44pm by Editorial Staff

If you use the roads, you will almost certainly have experienced road rage at some point. Even if it was not directed directly at you, then you will have witnessed someone else’s experience. It can be something that many people struggle with, and is not restricted to people on four wheels:  pedestrians and cyclists fall foul of road rage too. Here are some of the things you can do to stop yourself from becoming angry, and diffuse the situation with others.

How Can You Prevent Your Road Rage?

It can be difficult for some people to calm down when they get behind the wheel. However, you need to try for your own sake as much as others. One way to calm your anger is to reduce the stress you feel. If you are always leaving late to get somewhere, then you are going to be stressed before you even start. If you try leaving earlier your immediate stress level is lower, and this will help. Put some calming music on in the car while you’re driving, as it will help you to distract yourself and hopefully calm you down.

If you do find yourself getting angry, try to think about what will happen if you lose your temper. Think about all the things you won’t be able to do if you lose your license or get arrested. If this doesn’t placate you, then pull over and try to relax before you carry on your journey.

How to Protect Yourself from Road Rage

No matter how careful you drive or ride, there will always an opportunity for someone else out there to get angry at you for a perceived driving sleight. It might be that you are going too slowly for them, or they try to push in. If you get into a confrontation, it could lead to an accident that will lead to more rage, or the other driver’s failure to stop if they hit your car with theirs. If you find yourself in a road rage situation, then there are things you can remember. Try not to get angry yourself, it will only escalate the situation and may cause other incidents. Think about giving an aggressive driver the right of way. Even if you are right, it will stop any aggression and save time in the long run. Don’t react to what they do, if you ignoretheir behavior, they will go away. They only want to antagonise you.

Think about getting a dashboard camera for your car, they are becoming more popular, and they can help if someone is aggressive to you. It can also help if there are any accidents or confrontations. There are many on the market, and they usually have a removable memory so you can download footage of any issues.

As long as you are driving sensibly and carefully, on the whole there is nothing that you will need to worry about from other drivers. Other people’s driving can be frustrating, but try not to let it get to you.

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