Print Advertisements for Inspiration: From Across the World (1/2 – Africa and Americas)

Posted on Jun 4 2012 - 11:01am by Editorial Staff

If we see on daily basis we go through number of advertisements – but – what they actually are – are they a big part of story – or does they appealing in front of end users and telling a story or what actually it is – not much strange question but alias as things happen, advertisements too are nothing but except the part of our life – a way of communication to encourage or persuade an audience (viewers, readers or listeners; sometimes a specific group of people). The purpose of advertising is to reassure employees or shareholders that a company is viable or successful. These sounds like the basics of what advertising really means (Advertising 101) – but in order to make this a part of better understanding, we put up below the showcase of print advertisements designed and created by the individual, agencies or organization from around the world in a two part series.


The Bioscope: Midnight Express

Calmdog: Granny

Essentiale: Boy

Pattex: Woman

Lika Gum: Out of this World 

International Campaign to Ban Landmines: Daily Chores, Vacuum Cleaner

Room 13: Fingerprint

Nissan X-Trail: Sign, 4

Marie Claire: Clothing trail

Beyond India: Henna hands

Mozambique Music Awards: Trumpet

Everial: Controlled Archives

Vodacom: Night Creatures, Zombie

Protex: Wrapped Dog

Eqdom: Shoe

The Cape Times: Shoe

Vital Enduramax Libido Enhancer: Bedtime


City of Rio de Janerio: This can’t be downloaded

Beach park waterpark: Infinity

Smart Bleach: Bacteria

Art Director’s Club: Hovering

Mitsubishi L200 Triton: No photoshop

CBN Brazilian Radio News: Soccer team

Alberta Health Services: Triggers, Beer

Pizza Planet: California Meat

Cobra Correntes: Chicken

Sears Optical: Match

Girl’s Scouts of Arizona: It’s a Girl’s World, 1

Absolut Vodka: Outgrageous

Toyota 4WD Range, Country Australia Border Security – Nothing Soft Gets In, 3

Sears Optical: Nail

Alberta Health Services: Triggers, Coffee

Historica – Dominion Institute: Remember 11/11/11

Huggies: Kisses – Bites

Fidelity 401K Plans: Envison A Big Future While You Can

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