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Posted on Apr 4 2016 - 7:52pm by Editorial Staff

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With more and more e-commerce websites cropping up by the day, we can safely assume that the future of shopping is now. However, what we consider a boon for the mankind, is also one of the bane in its own way. Why? You ask. Let us put it this way, you desire a product and instead of going to a brick and mortar store, you decided to shop online because online deals are more lucrative and money saving. Now consider this, in a rat race where every website is inching to be the number one and offering better deals than one; how can a user know which website is offering the best price and deal. This is where comes into the picture. PriceRaja is one of the top price comparison websites with specialty in electronics and more. All you need to do is to type any product in the search bar on the website and you will get the detailed information regarding its online presence across multiple domains on a single page. Here is a how the website is making life easier for an online shopper.

Compare Prices At Once

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If you already know what it is that you need, all you have to do is to locate the product on and you will get to know everything that is required to make a healthy purchase decision. The product page on the website shows top two best prices online right on top of the page. This way you know the best price for the product right off the bat with just one look at the product page. In case you are not sure about the websites offering these top prices, you can scroll down just a bit and get the best prices from multiple websites across the Internet. The listing also shows the delivery charges and other hidden costs. This way you are completely aware of the total cost before moving ahead and making the final purchase.

Always check Specs score and Value for money indicator

PriceRaja 3 is all about offering convenience. It also saves the precious time of its users, which would have otherwise been spent or wasted their time on researching different alternatives. When you open up a product page on you can see a Specifications Score meter, which shows how that device score on the specs front. Another useful indicator on the product page is the Value for Money indicator that shows how good a product is against the price it comes for. These two features are really helpful in boiling down whether the buyer must purchase the product or not. However, if you are not convinced by these two parameters and are having second thoughts about the product, there are better alternatives listed right on the same product page to save you time and efforts.

Not only prices, But comprehensive product comparison

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When it comes to smartphones, tablets or other such gadgets, goes a step ahead and makes it a whole lot easier for the user to make a better purchase decision. As we already know, the market is flooded with numerous options at any given price point. It is but natural for a user to have a dilemma about choosing between his/her options. gives users an option to match these options spec by spec to come to a final decision. With a simple click of mouse, users can add as many as 4 devices to comparison tool to get a detailed analysis. The very first row of the comparison tool give the overview of which device has better specification as compared to other three. This is really helpful and also saves time for the user.

Set Price Drop Alert

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After having made up your mind about a particular product, all you need to do is to click on go to store and PriceRaja will redirect you to the landing page of the product on desired e-retailer. However, it is possible that the product that you have zeroed in on might be out of your budget at the moment. knows that the Internet is a fickle place and the price that is high right now can come down any moment and not everyone can constantly keep a tab on the product online to buy at the exact moment when the price falls. That is why the website has an amazing feature that let users set a price drop alert that will notify the user through email every time the price drops.

A Comprehensive Deals Section

If you have not decided on a product yet and simply looking for a sweet deal online, PriceRaja comes to the rescue again. The website has a complete separate section that is frequently updated with latest offers and deals being provided by e-commerce websites. These deals and offers are updated on the website as and when they come out. This is another time saving feature that allows users to browse through exciting deals at one place instead of checking out a large number of websites and their catalogs. The deal section has been conveniently organized by stores, product type as well as top deals of the day to ensure users have a comfortable experience.

Save Time & Money On-The-Go

PriceRaja was quick to realize that smartphones are the future and most users would be shopping online through their smartphone apps in near future. The website has launched its very own PriceRaja Android application that has every function that is being offered by the website itself. All that a user has to do is go to Play Store on their smartphone and install the app. The app will also keep you updated with deals and offers through notifications on your smartphones so that you do not miss out on them.

Taking a look at all these awesome features, we can only say that PriceRaja is definitely an effective tool for anyone who likes to shop online. Being able to keep a tab on price fluctuations and also getting to know about the best available price, what more could a shopper ask for?

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