Pretending To Be A Big Boss Is A Necessary White Lie

Posted on Nov 30 2017 - 5:15pm by Editorial Staff

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These days, launching a successful business is all about building trust and credibility, something that used to be almost impossible without a Fifth Avenue address, an infinite marketing budget and 3,000+ employees spread across six continents. These days, however, making your business look much bigger and much more established than it simply requires innovation. It requires creativity more than a budget. After all, the way people perceive your business is the reality they will cling on to. Your job is simply to make that perception seem bigger than it actually is, and here are some hot tips on how you can do that.

The Central Business Address

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Bedroom 3, Flat 1b, Back Alley, Middle of nowhere is not exactly going to fill your potential customers with confidence, and so listing that online can have detrimental effects. Instead, what you should do is a) pay for a virtual office space or b) get a box at your local UPS store. You can then list this on Google and, voila, look for more established than you are.

Look Larger On Invoices

If you invoice someone and the invoice number reads ‘13’ then your customer is going to think you just started doing business last week – which you probably did. That is why you should start with larger invoice numbers, something both PayPal and Quickbooks allow you to do.

Rent When You Need It

Nothing is going to give the game away more than if you turn up to do a job without the right equipment. It could be turning up to a construction site with a VW Polo or a client meeting as a graphic designer with just a pencil. Instead, what you should do is look the part by hiring the equipment you need to do the job. That could mean you rent commercial trucks for the duration of your work before returning them, or it could mean leasing a MacBook pro from FatLama. It’s all about the image you project.

Outsource Certain Tasks

There comes a time in every young entrepreneur’s life where a game-changing project lands on their doorstep, one that you perhaps aren’t equipped for, but one that could change everything. Instead of turning this down, outsource the part of the projects you can’t do yourself. If it is copywriting, then outsource that part, if it is the project management, then bring on someone you can. These people will help you deliver and, make you look good at the first meeting.

Choose Your Title Carefully

If you are a one-person operation, then you need to choose where and when you use your title carefully. Yes, the words CEO will look cool in your email signature, but it will look weird if the CEO is answering a prospective client’s initial approach. The same goes for your business card. Until you grow, it is just best to skip titles altogether.

Communication Is Key

There are two key areas to consider here: telephone and email. To tackle the phone matter first, getting VoIP system will project a big business image onto any caller, as there will be someone to greet them and then direct them to any phone in any location. The fact it is to one of only two employee working remotely from their bedrooms will never be discovered. As for emails, yes, having looks better than Hotmail, but having looks even more professional. It looks like your business is so big that first names don’t work anymore.

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