Preparing Your Car For Winter

Posted on Jan 8 2014 - 9:44am by Steve Mac


Winter is one time of year when your car needs that little extra care and attention. During this season everything from extreme temperatures and weather through to the grit and salt off the road can have an impact on your vehicle. This could result in not only dangerous driving conditions but also damage to your car.

There are a number of steps you can take in order to increase safety while on the road in the winter as well as to decrease the chances of damage to your car during the colder months. These steps can help to save you time, inconvenience, money, and even provide additional protection against breakdowns and accidents.

5 tips to care for your vehicle in winter

Some tips to help you to care for your car in the winter include:

Check your oil: It is important to have clean, quality engine oil in order to try and combat the winter elements. Make sure you check the oil and the filters on your car and if necessary get them changed before the extreme weather sets in.

Get your tyres checked: The icy roads conditions in the winter can become a death trap if your tyres are not up to scratch. You should therefore make sure you check your tyres both for tread and tyre pressure to make sure they are in tip-top condition for winter driving.

Invest in a cover: You can get a range of quality car covers these days, and these can help to protect your car, locks and windows from the elements. They will also provide additional protection against flying gravel or salt if your car is parked up close to a busy road that has been gritted due to the weather.

Check your battery is fully charged: In the winter your car battery is put under increased strain. You should therefore make sure you have the charge checked to minimise on the chances of getting stranded in the middle of nowhere in the cold weather.

Check the wipers are in good working order: Visibility can be a big problem during the winter and a good set of wipers is essential. So, make sure you check the wipers are in good working order and if not get them replaced before the bad weather sets in.

As long as you take good care of your vehicle in the colder months your car will take good care of you. It takes less resource to keep your car well and truly cared for than it does to have to replace damaged parts, tyres, and lights or even having to have a complete re-spray due to chips and scratches caused by adverse weather conditions.

Try to also keep your vehicle as clean as possible and polish it regularly, too. This will not only help to protect it from the elements in a way that only a good, thick coat of polish and wax can, but it will also ensure your vehicle looks great.

These tips will help to increase safety, convenience and reliability during a season that is known for its higher levels of car accidents and breakdowns.

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