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If you’re unsure which career path to follow and you’re struggling to choose a course at university, it’s time to sit down and consider your options. One of the most exciting fields to enter is the sphere of aviation. If being at the cutting edge of technological advances appeals alongside a chance to contribute to the security of the nation, then aeronautical engineering could be your ideal career. Or you may prefer to be at the helm of the aircraft actually piloting the plane. Or you may want to meet people from a variety of different backgrounds and cultures as a world class flight attendant. The opportunities for a career in aviation are endless.

Aeronautical Engineer

There aren’t many cooler answers to the question, “So what do you do for a living?” than “I build planes.” With a head for mathematical formulas and an ability to solve problems logically, you will begin your career as an assistant technician. You’ll be in charge of sourcing parts from large wing flaps to tiny ball screws. Because of the unique nature of aircraft design, you may need to call on the services of a company like Linear Bearings custom machining and refurbishment to produce high-quality bespoke parts for your engineering needs. Expert tradespeople will manufacture your parts in house and assemble them to your exact requirements.

Further into your career, you may choose to specialise in building missiles for the armed forces, designing spacecraft or taking care of a fleet of military jets. This is a career that allows you to use your technical skills as well as being hands-on at the same time.


Pilots come in many different variations. You could be a commercial airline pilot, introducing yourself to your passengers over the aircraft tannoy system when flying them off to sunnier climes for their well-earned summer vacation. If the movie Top Gun inspires your career choice, you could embark on a role within the armed forces as a fighter jet pilot. The training is intense, and only a select few ever make it through to selection. If you feel that you have got what it takes, you’ll need to maintain your physical fitness and mental agility ready to undergo a range of tests to explore your suitability for the role.

Flight Attendant

Cabin crew have a bad reputation for merely being glorified waiting staff. However, many don’t realise that flight attendants are highly trained individuals that have to cope effectively under pressure. They have been put through their paces in a range of disaster training scenarios, and they will be the people that save your life should the unthinkable occur.

Being a flight attendant is an attractive career choice to those who wish to see the world, meet interesting people along the way and get paid for it. You could find yourself living out of a suitcase which isn’t ideal but might be ok to put up with if you’re finding yourself venturing onto the beach in Dubai after a night stopover on the way to the UK.

Why not sit back, relax and let your career in aviation take off.

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