Does Political View Affect Dating Among Seniors?

Posted on Feb 22 2017 - 1:35pm by Editorial Staff

Ever been on a date, and the theme of conversation swings towards politics and you had to carefully watch your tongue as to what it is you say, just in-case the person you are on a date with shares opposing political view as you? Well that is the problem that websites that cater were facing on dates. The website was created with the aim of eliminating the discrimination and intolerance to political views and it comes with just a one-time payment of about $160 ($159.99 to be precise), members can sign up for up to a year.

Politics is always a huge and sensitive topic, regardless of your geographical location. Political views and opinions in general is an issue to be avoided in the world of online dating, especially for seniors, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to avoid as the theme of discussion on dates. Political views represent a lot about how a person relates to the world around them and can be a strong indicator of their core values. If they differ from yours, they can be real deal breakers, and if so, it is best to leave; Dating for seniors can be really tricky. Do give tolerance to people and their political leanings (this isn’t an advice forum anyways, so people largely do what they want in that regards). All depends on the person though. If one of you is a political ideologue, that can be.

Seniors are looking for love in all the right places these days, and that includes online dating. Don’t even think that online dating is just for younger crowd. When it comes to seniors dating, well, there exists a level playing field in regards to the number of resources available at their disposal to initiate a social connection with other seniors. A usual stumbling block to seniors being a part of this social crowd is the some-what compulsory monthly fee required to access the pick of the lot services offered by these websites.

A large number of seniors and the elderly would love to connect with a potential partner, but hold reservations as to the public perception of online dating as an act of despondence, when in truth it really is just a more convenient way to meet other singles their age or younger looking for the same thing as them. The list of dating sites for seniors is rapidly increasing everyday and they all provide dating for seniors’ services. Seniors dating using such platforms is a great way to scout through a whole lot of potential matches. Some of the members do have a strict political view which may affect their choice of dating partners.  You may imagine a heat debate on their first date if the two daters hold opposite political view. But for most senior daters, they don’t mind that much of the political view of their potential matches.

Another resource that is widely used is free online personal profiles. The number of people that subscribe to the idea of a free online personal profile is largely on the rise. Well, Seniors have a similar website just for them. Retirement Listing Service has already given the community seniors dating a platform like that of for their growing population. Within this online community, seniors who are looking to date can find a really good profile matching them with those who are looking for that special someone in their area. Seniors can find event partners, groups and seniors dating occasions, and also long term relationships.

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