Per Wickstrom Discusses The Challenges Associated With Launching A Drug Rehab Center

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Any time you’re going into a business endeavor that stems from your passion for a specific topic, there’s always that lingering feeling of doubt that tries to convince you that you might be wasting your time. A pessimistic, strictly business-minded individual might tell you that pursuing your dreams will rarely ever turn out the way you want it to, and if you’re not firm in your stance and well-prepared for the challenge ahead, you can easily fall victim to the defeatist mindset. We interviewed Per Wickstrom about his experience launching several rehab facilities throughout the U.S. and he told us that these were the three biggest challenges he faced:

Gathering the Funds

Starting a rehabilitation center is not going to be cheap, so chances are you’re going to need some sort of external funding or financing to make it happen. This may involve creating a business plan, devising and refining a pitch/proposal, approaching investors, seeking loans and other forms of financing, and launching a crowdfunding campaign. The great thing about raising funds for a drug rehab center is that there are so many recovered addicts out there who have done well for themselves and are now looking for ways to give back, so you already have an investor base to tap into.

Finding the Right Facility

Wickstrom told us that one of the biggest challenges he faced was choosing a facility for Best Drug Rehab in Manistee, Michigan. “After years of this being my dream, I was finally in a position to make it happen, but I hadn’t given thought to how difficult it might be to decide on a building. That’s something that seems trivial until you’re getting ready to make the commitment, and then you realize that location is everything,” he said. It is advisable to choose a building that is located in decent area of town, as you don’t want addicts having easy access to a drug-ridden neighborhood.

Spreading Awareness

Unfortunately, the old saying “if you build it, they will come” simply doesn’t apply to rehab facilities. People with severe addictions don’t just show up to rehab on their own one day. There has to be a spark of some sort, whether that be a family intervention, a late-night commercial for a treatment center, or some other motivating factor. “Once you’re in business, it’s your job to let the community know that your facility is there to help them fight addiction,” Per said. He advises creating a strong social media presence on sites like Facebook as well as using any advertising methods available to you, starting with the most cost-effective.

Working with a Purpose in Mind

As with any other business, launching a rehab center will take focus and dedication to the task at hand. Things can get discouraging if you’re not operating with a purpose in mind, and it can be easy to get distracted from the original reason why you chose to get into the field in the first place. Thus, the best way to stay motivated on your journey is to go to work each day with the reminder that what you’re doing is going to help improve the lives of individuals and families throughout your community. With a mindset like that and the tips above it would be hard for anyone to fail.

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