Overlapping Schmidt Sayings, Apple Denied That Google Now Hasn’t Yet Arrived For Submission To The App Store

Posted on Mar 22 2013 - 2:44am by Editorial Staff


Although there are great hypes since from earlier today suggesting that Google has submitted Google Now for Apple App Store, but report confirmed that Apple stating that the Google Now still not been submitted to the App Store for approval. Interestingly in response to CNET, Apple says that it has no power to approve or reject the app.

But, now what makes this whole a big sounded loud and clear, actually Google’s chairman Eric Schmidt at an event suggested by pointing out that “our (Google) work is to submit the app for approval, now accepting or not-accepting is in Apple’s hands.” Some they approve and some of them they don’t.

In the event, Schmidt confirmed that app being submitted for approval and notoriously Apple denied that Google Now still not seen submitted for any approval. Who is right or Who is wrong? We will get to know pretty soon.

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